June 24th, 2008

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give people their tax rebate TWICE and they will re-equippp!!!!

a simple federal standard to hasten the conversion of all new vehicles in America to flex-fuel technology -- allowing drivers to use alcohol fuels instead of gas in their cars. Brazil went from about five to over 70 percent of all new vehicles with flex-fuel capacity. It did all that in just three years. Yet those same automakers that helped Brazil make the change say it will take them longer to reach the goal of 50 percent new flex-fuel vehicles for America. But I am confident they can do more, and do it faster, in the interest of our energy security.

And if I am elected president, they will. Whether it takes a meeting with automakers during my first month in office, or my signature on an act of Congress, we will meet the goal of a swift conversion of American vehicles away from oil.

At the same time, smart policy can also help to broaden the market for energy-efficient cars. Right now we have a hodgepodge of incentives for the purchase of fuel-efficient cars. Different hybrids and natural-gas cars carry different incentives, ranging from a few hundreds dollars to four grand. They're the handiwork of lobbyists, with all the inconsistency and irrationality that involves.

My administration will issue a Clean Car Challenge to the automakers of America, in the form of a single and substantial tax credit based on the reduction of carbon emissions. For every automaker who can sell a zero-emissions car, we will commit a 5,000 dollar tax credit for each and every customer who buys that car. For other vehicles, whatever type they may be, the lower the carbon emissions, the higher the tax credit. And these large tax credits will be available to everyone -- not just to those who have an accountant to explain it to them.

Furthermore, in the quest for alternatives to oil, our government has thrown around enough money subsidizing special interests and excusing failure. From now on, we will encourage heroic efforts in engineering, and we will reward the greatest success.

I further propose we inspire the ingenuity and resolve of the American people by offering a $300 million prize for the development of a battery package that has the size, capacity, cost and power to leapfrog the commercially available plug-in hybrids or electric cars. This is one dollar for every man, woman and child in the U.S. -- a small price to pay for helping to break the back of our oil dependency -- and should deliver a power source at 30 percent of the current costs



Methanol is MUCH better fuel choice for cars

The methanol story: a sustainable fuel for the future article by Ford Motor's Roberta Nichols, the mother of the flexible fuel vehicle, discussing Gasoline-Ethanol-Methanol flexibility in the Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research

Since a methanol-fueled vehicle would require more
frequent refueling because of its lower energy density
per gallon, it was estimated by one major oil
company that 10 per cent of the refueling stations
would need a methanol pump for the introduction of- the
dedicated methanol vehicle. In 1980 the cost of this
was estimated to be about $600 mil

same source that is below

Overall, the potential resource base for methanol is huge, because it can be made from any organic material, including biomass. This is an important way to mitigate climate change issues because of the uptake of the carbon dioxide by plants, making the net C~ emission zero. It can also be made from waste, which becomes more important with every new landfill required.

Because of the favorable economics, at present almost all methanol is produced from natural gas, although there is a coal-to-methanol plant in Tennessee. It is also a way of utilizing the gas in remote fields because tankers can ship the liquid methanol product a lot easier and with less cost than building a pipeline to transport the gas.

year 2003.

new DeepChord recording is just a hit

deep cord and mike huckabee))))))
haven't been a fan of Rod Modell for an extremely long time, but ever since I became one I took upon myself to collect every CD he released, no matter what alias he was using. One such CD that turned out to be rather impossible to get ahold of was Vantage Isle. A collection of versions of the title track performed by Deepchord, Echospace, CV313 and Convextion. All of which Modell is a member of save for the last.


A   Sound Of Thought (DeepChord Mix) (11:03)
    Remix - DeepChord
  Remix [Credited To], Producer [Additional] - Rod Modell
B   All It Takes (Mike Huckaby SYNTH Remix) (8:00)
    Remix, Producer [Additional] - Mike Huckaby

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 JRN is coming to get u!   третмтіть гангстери
вам йде пиздець
подавимо гусеницями нахуй

афігіваюча передача: Есід Джаз, жінка інтелегентно репує на риддим



Some people rely on the drink to make the people and the food more appealing while dining. Blue Label of course would make these things more appealing, as does the show. With a savory blend of soul, hip-hop, grooves, house and more. Join hosts Jamal Ali and Co-Host Evan BKA DJ Baggs (MIA) for such an experience only worthy of the Blue Label.

Artist      Track      Album      Label
Herbie Hancock     God Made Me Funky            
Micatone     D-D-D-Dance            
Boscoe     He Keeps You            
Marlena Shaw     California Soul            
One Way     Cutie Pie            
Pharcyde     Otha Fish in Th Sea            
Dream of Me     New Order            
Goapele     We Were Too Much the Same            
Sweet Thang     Chaka Khan            
Everything But the Girl     Protection            
Testin     Peven Everett            
Trevor Dandy     Is The
Alice Russell      Someday              
Micatone     Shake It Baby            
Aloe Blacc     I'm beautiful