July 13th, 2008

big oil is capitalizing on ripping us out of the last dollar

They KNOW oil has no future, so they make an effort to get A FINAL GRAB of your money.
But do we really need new refineries? Big oil says no:
Yesterday, as part of a daylong seminar on the energy industry for reporters at the Chronicle's offices, Exxon Mobil Vice President Kenneth Cohen offered some insights on why the company doesn't build more new refineries in the U.S. Basically, Cohen said, building even a small refinery would require an investment of $2 billion to $3 billion.
"Once you've made that investment, what you're looking at is `what's the growth?' It's just like any other business," he said.
Exxon predicts U.S. oil demand may begin to fall by 2030, which means the company faces a limited window for return.
Even Exxon is willing to admit that demand for oil may begin to fall by 2030, and they're planning for a future in which alternates play a larger role.

Iran, Gazprom set to sign cooperation memorandum

TEHRAN (RIA Novosti) - Russian energy giant Gazprom and Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum will sign on Sunday a memorandum of cooperation in the oil and gas sphere, an Iranian deputy oil minister said.

“Interaction between Iran and Russia in all spheres and especially in the energy sphere is very wide. We expect to further broaden this cooperation in the future,” Hossein Noghrehkar Shirazi said.

Shirazi said a series of discussions would precede the signing of the cooperation memorandum.

Iran ranks fourth in terms of crude reserves after Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait, as well as fourth in terms of oil production after Saudi Arabia, the United States and Russia. Iran’s proven gas reserves total more than 28 trillion cubic meters.


respectfull Bob Dornad

God Bless you Bob!

Gen. Jan Sejna, who had been part of the Russian operation to take captured Americans, testified before Bob Dornan’s congressional committee in 1996.
What he said was almost shocking beyond belief: Thousands of missing Americans had been taken to be used as medical guinea pigs in horrendous experiments. Few survived. Why was this story from an eyewitness ignored by 99 percent of our nation’s media. To the best of my knowledge, not one television news program ran any clips of Sejna’s testimony, or of what Col. Philip Corso testified in corroboration. Why? Wasn’t this newsworthy, or did it point the finger of blame in the wrong direction?

An absolute MUST read for everyone who considers himself a decent human being

Accounting for Pow/Mias from the Korean War and the Vietnam War

Because if we don't improve our morale we will not win the next war

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