September 12th, 2008

Kremlin BUNKERS and details of their war plans with USA: surprise attack

Yamantau Beloretsk-15 Beloretsk-16 Alkino-2 ?

Beloretsk               PPL   53�58'00"N   58�24'00"E
Yamantau Gora           MT    54�15'19"N   58�06'11"E  
Al'kino                 PPL   55�05'00"N   58�04'00"E  

Starting in the Brezhnev period, Russia has been pursuing construction of a massive underground facility at Yamantau Mountain and the city of Mezhgorye (formerly the settlements of Beloretsk-15 and Beloretsk-16). The complex, reportedly being built by tens of thousands of workers, is said to cover an area The reinforced underground bunkers take up 400 square miles, the size of the Washington area inside the Beltway.

The exact location of this large facility is uncertain, and given its reported size it may span as much as an entire degree of latitude and longitude. It is apparently located near the the Zlatoust-36/Yuryuzan nuclear weapons production plant and the Yuryuzan national-level nuclear weapons storage facility. The Yaman-Tau Gory [mountains] range is centered at 52�25'N 56�45'E, while the peak of Yamantau Gora [mountain] is at 54�15'19"N 58�06'11"E. The town of Beloretsk is located at 53�58'N 58�24'E, though NIMA does not include a listing for Mezhgorye. This facility may be synonymous with "Alkino-2" since the town of Al'kino is nearby at 55�05'N 58�04'E.

On April 16, 1996, the New York Times reported on a mysterious military base being constructed in Russia: "In a secret project reminiscent of the chilliest days of the Cold War, Russia is building a mammoth underground military complex in the Ural Mountains, Western officials and Russian witnesses say. Hidden inside Yamantau mountain in the Beloretsk area of the southern Urals, the project involved the creation of a huge complex, served by a railroad, a highway, and thousands of workers."

The New York Times quoted Russian officials describing the underground compound variously as a mining site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a bunker for Russia's leaders in case of nuclear war. "The (Russian) Defense Ministry declined to say whether Parliament has been informed about the details of the project, like its purpose and cost, saying only that it receives necessary military information," according to the New York Times.
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underground resistance

Dont drill - it will kill

>kabud- I have worked on drilling rigs but wouldn’t want to invest in one.

But you call for drilling. You should not. because you push a WRONG agenda and taxpayers will have to cover this at the end. So: DONT.

>Way to much risk. lol Fact is we can’t produce oil as cheap as the >mid-east.That puts our oil companies at a big risk.

Of course. Even at the simple economic level it is so straight forward. But there is more to it: geopolitics. REAL COST OF OIL includes OUR MILITARY BUDGET and FUTURE COLOSSAL loss of lifes and cost of property destruction


We use oil at 20 mil bar a day - THEIR OIL RESERVES GAIN  in value as something SO NEEDED in the west:

-they sell OIL and N-GAS or
-use their reserves as a financial

to acquire resourses and increase their nuclear and bioweapon potential. They already have 20  time
MORE nukes then we do!!!!

>My point is if we didn’t import oil it would be a lot more expensive but >would be worth the extra cost to keep that money here instead of funding >our enemies.

We fund our enemies by USING oil. We can use methanol. methanol program was working in California in 80s-90s. 20000 methanol cars were build. Bush senior was promoting it. OPEC and Kremlin realized the danger and lowered oil price. Methanol project died. WE ARE NEXT TO DIE. YOU AND ME. AND OUR DEAR RELATIVES. Got to become serious man.

>Don’t believe all you hear about oil reserves. There is alot more oil here >than people think but it is very expensive to locate.

Does not matter. WAR matters. We use oil- OPEC and Russia increase their assets value.

>A 3000ft oil well can be put on pump in less than a month. I don’t quite >buy the argument that it would take 20 years for drilling to make a >difference.