February 27th, 2009

underground resistance

Audio, Video::Andrei Illarionov gave Congress the most scary testimony in US history EVER.

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February 25, 2009
From Competition to Collaboration: Strengthening the U.S.-Russia Relationship

Full Committee Testimony:

* The Honorable Howard L. Berman,
* The Honorable Steven Pifer,
* Robert H. Legvold, Ph.D.,
* Andrei Illarionov, Ph.D.

The central place in the Russian political system is occupied by the  Corporation of the secret police. 

The personnel of Federal Security Service – both in active service as well as retired ones – form a special type of unity (non-necessarily institutionalized) that can be called brotherhood, order, or corporation.

The Corporation of the secret police operatives (CSP) includes first of all acting and former officers of the FSB (former KGB), and to a lesser extent FSO and Prosecutor General Office.

Officers of GRU and SVR5 do also play some role.

The members of the Corporation do share strong allegiance to their respective organizations, strict codes of conduct and of honor, basic principles of behavior, including among others the principle of mutual support to each other in any circumstances and the principle of omerta.

Since the Corporation preserves traditions, hierarchies, codes and habits of secret police and intelligence services, its members show high degree of obedience to the current leadership, strong loyalty to each other, rather strict discipline. 

Violators of the code of conduct are subject to the harshest forms of punishment, including the highest form.

CSP and the Russian society. Members of the CSP are specially trained, strongly motivated and mentally oriented to use force against other people and in this regard differ substantially from civilians.

Members of the Corporation are trained and inspired with the superiority complex over the rest of the population.

Members of the Corporation exude a sense of being the bosses that superior to other people who are not members of the CSP.

They are equipped with membership perks, including two most tangible instruments conferring real power over the rest of population in today’s Russia – the FSB IDs and the right to carry and use weapons.