March 27th, 2009

Jerry Doyle todays show with Bob Basso transcript, in short

March 27th, 2009 
  Update on Bob Basso - he was an actor and an news anchor on Hawaii 50 -  Bob Basso YouTube video - A note from Obama says he remembers Basso form Hawaii 
 Guest Bob Basso - I am getting hundreds of phone calls a day - I will not be intimidated - I will not attack the President - I respect the office of the presidency - Thomas Paine was not a politician - I guarantee that I will not be intimidated - Jerry asks If Obama trying to calm the anger - Does he want this to go away? - 
Bob is being called by troops in Afghanistan - This is about principles - You have been doing Paine fro 32 years - I haven't changed my underwear and socks for 5 days I have been traveling from state to state talking to audiences and rallies - WWTPD? 
People have to get into the streets and demonstrate - A march on Washington - Take back America - pent up anger turns into violence - we need to shout at congress 
 Bob Basso - Are you willing to take 2-3 days of your life to go to Washington and demand that congress do what we demand  The apathetic rebel - People get fired up but then don't do anything about it - we are afraid of 535 people are those people afraid of us? 
Soldiers in Afghanistan are calling Bob Basso and talking about taking back America  Guest Col Tony Schaffer - Obama not funding troops in Afghanistan - 
They have to create an environment where they want to be good citizens   Thomas Paine was more a liberal - Republicans and democrats support their own - the system doesn't work - we really don't have a representative government - The reason we left Europe in the first place is because we didn't want a monarchy or an oligarchy - 
Bush did squat do fortify out border - Don't blame Obama or Hillary for all the problems  Play Hillary audio saying Americans are partially responsible for drug wars due to demand - We should do what the Cartel members do - same with our military - we shoot you and leave you there - The government benefits from open borders