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(no subject)
Well this

If you have a really GOOD and i totally mean it in the most descriminatory
if u r happy enough to have a good tube TV set, a SONY one,

it is much prettier to watch a movie at home, in high def than at the best seat in a theater.
try it. Try Harry Potter.

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much pretier is pretty good but dont you go to the movies for the sake of going? like, quality and sound is important, but its the feeling the movie theater gives you...won't trade it for no HDTV) never imagined you would)

i dont know,
may be you are right, do you want to go to movies with me?

ye, the feeling the movie theater gives:
1. overpriced popcorn and soda
2. no bathroom breaks
3. no ability to enjoy tea, coffe, wine, food or whatever your drug of choice is during the movie
4. no discussing the movie with your friends
5. very often uncomfortable sitting
the only reason to go to the movies remains : the movie has to be very good and not available at home

i guess younger ppl enjoy all those feelings .. or just dont feel that way)

lets pick one and go and see it
which one you like?

im pretty open)

A list of "Wanna See" movies at Tribeca Film Festival:

37 Uses for a Dead Sheep
A Dios Momo
Akeelah and the Bee (!!!)
Al Franken: God Spoke
Alone with Her
Another Gay Movie
Attention (!!!)
Beauty and the Bastard
Beyond the Call
The Big Bad Swim
Blue Blood
Brasilia 18%
The Bridge
Burke and Wills
The Case of the Grinning Cat
Choking Man
Civic Duty
Close to Home(!!!)
Colour Me Kubrick(!!!)
Day Break
Dear Father, Quiet, We're Shooting....
Dear Talula
East Broadway
East of Paradise(!!!)
The Elephant King
Encounter Point(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Fat Girls
Fifty Pills
Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus
Goal! The Dream Begins
Hammer & Tickle - The Communist Joke Book
House of Sand(!!!)
The Journalist and The Jihadi - The Murder of Daniel Pearl
Journey to the End of the Night
Lonely Hearts
Love for Share
Mini's First Time
New York Waiting
Once in a Lifetime
One Last Thing
The One Percent
A Perfect Day
The River
The Road To Guantanamo
The Sacred Family
Secrets of the Code
Shadow of Afghanistan
Shoot the Messenger
Street Thief
Three Days in September(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
The Treatment
Word.Life (AKA The Hip Hop Project)


прікол, ти аватари наші відел?

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