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(no subject)
sometimes you need like a front passanger wrist handle
somewhere around your ears where you can reach them

it gives a certain comfort.

And as for the informational domain, there:

You can actually put this thing on your balcony, roof, yard, boat,-
when wind is over 7 miles per hour- NYC has it well over it-
your one bedroom is 100% coverred with electric current this thing generates:


The new Southwest Air-X 12 VDC is now more powerful, more reliable and quieter.
Product Number: 4940122
List Price: $ 649
Sale Price: $ 525
Warranty: 3 years
Air-X 24
The new AIR-X isn't just an upgrade to the 403, it's an evolution in wind turbine design. It is the first small wind turbine with a micro-processor controller.

This machine starts producing power at half the RPM of the AIR 403, putting more power into your batteries. The new controller continuously adjusts the alternator loading to maximize alternator and blade efficiency at all wind speeds and all states of battery charge.

And now there is no more prop flutter noise in high winds. The new AIR-X can control RPM to prevent blade flutter in high winds. That means much quieter operation in all wind conditions.