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треба станцювати гопака


These nights are about waking the wild inside you. Our
best ideas are the dangerous ones; those brief brilliant
moments that excite our souls and make the burning world
feel possible. This is how we save ourselves: 20,000+sqft
of danger art, stiltwalkers, dancers and dj's, bubble domes,
rooftop villages, liquor and ice-cream and the pleasures we
deserve in these nights of wild fire.

These are things we should not do...

The story of Danger will be told by performance,
participatory projection and mesmerizing music through a
half dozen areas of divergent delights. These are
dangerous moments: Akim Funk Buddha leads an operatic
performance of tabla and body-balancing across the gardens
of good & evil, The Madagascar Institute educates on
home-made pyrotechnics, AdHoc Arts teaches you screen
printing and poster creation, Action/Direction presents
spontaneous feats of the fantastic and Emergency Arts
tempts you with liquor and ice-cream.

This is what it is to be alive...

In the room of Glass:
Old school, afro house, hip-hop, and drum & bass on the
tightest sound system in Brooklyn featuring:
DB (founder: Breakbeat Science), Jesse Mann (No Selector),
dj Winter (SisterNYC), dj fflood (transdubmassiv.com),
Been Jammin' (Gnomes), Vocals by Rhiannon (TheDanger), and
video projections by Benno Klandt featuring images from
last weekend's One Night of Fire.

In the room of Dark:
The best of minimal techno and low-down-dirty beats on the
now infamous twelve point surround sound system featuring:
Mathew Dear (Ghostly : Detroit), eVa (Loft-n-Space), Wolf
+ Lamb (WolfLambMusic.com) and Spinoza (Beyond Events :

On the Wide-Open Rooftop:
Join Image Node on the roof with live mixed video by The
Housewives' Guide To Anatomy and other VJs, mindblowing
light art, and Space Station Prog an inflatable
wonderland. Ambient and downtempo performances by Sean K
(Image Node), Skillcrane (Image Node), and Ezekiel Honig
(Microcosm, Anticipate).

In the courtyard:
Bar-Q-Que beer and live rabid rock starts at 9pm and
continues through midnight featuring local Bushwick bands
and late-night blue-grass players.

Proceeds from this event benefit the artists, organizers
and musicians who made One Night of Fire possible as well
as Burning Man projects by TheDanger, Wolf + Lamb and

This is our last event of the summer.
Next fall, TheDanger gets loud.

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