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Вербитський проведе діскусію в універі в Оксфорді про майбутню революцію в Росії

Taking over your TVs

"Does Russia need its own Orange Revolution?"
The scientists' debate (in Russian)

Misha Verbitsky aka tiphareth
(Mathematics Ph. D., Harvard)


Alexander Ermakov aka zhivoi
(Biology Ph. D., MGU, now at Imperial College)

Sunday, November 26th, 18:00
Lecture Room 23, Balliol Colege, Oxford

Both scientists are internet celebrities in their own right, known
outside of their professional sphere: Verbitsky is the author of
"Anticopyright" as well as popular webzines

In this particular political debate, Ermakov, who is sceptical of political
change in CIS-countries, will argue against Verbitsky's view that
Russia needs a democratic change of power not unlike the Ukrainian
Orange Revolution. There will be a question and answer session at the end.

The debate will be filmed by the Russian television channel NTV for
a documentary.
Appearance is mandatory for LJ friends.
Secret services representatives are welcome to attend, no accreditation required.

з http://mifodelik.livejournal.com/10482.html

Блог Вербитського, найпотужнішого російськомовного українського філософа:
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