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Theoretical model of Ultra Radical Feminist type of society

There are two ways to achieve political power.

To ask for recognition from the dominant class of society (patriarchy male supremacy), or

to create a new dogmatic approach to nonviolence and create a society based on women supremacy, and present it as a fact and enforce it.

The total Consciousness Feministic Raising, in order to develop communal and sisterly bond "total matriarchy”, and completely abolish male supremacy and “traditional” social structure in a total historical sense.

Statistical data shows that the ratio between male and female newborn infants has enormously progresses to the female side, in other words, a greater number of female over male newborns.

In future, data suggests this tendency will increase.

This means that in the soon future there are going to be a greater number of females in the society than males.

In addition, statistics also show women live longer than men.

These two facts suggest more women will fulfill the traditional social positions held by men.

There are several reasons why a society dominated by women would be better than the one we live in.

First, the present society is an oppressive patriarchy that primarily oppresses women. Patriarchal theory is a relationship of dominance, where one part of society is dominant and exploits the other group of society for its own benefit1.

In this traditional Patriarchy, men always benefit from the oppression of women.

Male supremacy includes different types of oppression, such as: gender, sexism, class, and perceived attractiveness.

Radical Feminists seek to abolish this patriarchy and male supremacy, and put an end to the history of keeping women in captivity.

Because of patriarchal domination, women are suffering from decreased self-determination and career opportunities.

Patriarchal domination also increases risks of physical and sexual assault2.

In “The Civic Advocacy of Violence“ Wayne Ewing clearly states: “Violence is presented [in society] as effective.

Violence is taught as the normal, appropriate and necessary behavior of power and control” (pg 67).

Violence begins in masculinity states Cooper Thompson in his essay “A New Vision of Masculinity”, he says: “masculinity goes beyond these qualities to stress competitiveness, toughness, aggressiveness, and power”

(pg 67). Also, Thompson states that the cost associated with a traditional view of masculinity are enormous, and the damage occurs at both personal and social levels (pg 68). The traditional masculinity beliefs are ultimately creating emotional pain for men. And it is men, who commit rape and provoke and sustain war. For much of human history, rape, violence, and war have often occurred in connection with one another. These basic characteristics of masculinity are also a typical feature of capitalist economic system, and with out them capitalists cannot properly function. It is safe to say that such violent capitalistic system begotten by the violent masculine nature. Both must be abolished.
, Moreover, like capitalism and the basic social structure of male domination, marriage should also be abolished. Marriage is primary\ily an economic arrangement for the benefit of the man. According to Emma Goldman in her glorious book “Marriage and Love” says: “ …woman’s pays for it [marriage] with her name, privacy, self-respect, her very life ’until death doth part’“(pg 160). Also, Goldman clearly states that, behind every marriage stands the life-long environment of the two sexes; an environment so different from each other that women and men must remain strangers. The institution of marriage creates a parasitic relationship between man and woman, and forces a woman to be absolute dependent on man. “It is defeats her social conciseness, and paralyzes her imagination,” states Goldman (pg 162). Marriage is a golden cage for a woman, captivity that develops cyclic, apparently purposeless motor behaviors called stereotype, “from, infancy, almost, the average girl is told that marriage is her ultimate goal ” says Goldman (pg 160). In addition, Mary Wollstonecraft argued that what appeared to be the nature of women was actually a consequence of education, or lack thereof, imposed on them by men, and that marriage is legalized prostitution. It is safe to say that institution of marriage should be abolished.
Another example of woman’s oppression at the hands of males is the word woman itself. The term "women" is a derivative of the term “men” and ultimately symbolized the nature of women's oppression. In a traditional masculine society, women are considered as sexual object, without recognition of their existence as a living person with emotions and feelings of their own. Perception of attractiveness are influenced by dominant cultures and impact our value systems. The concept of a fixed "ideal" figure for women is forced upon women by the dominant patriarchy. According to Anne Koedt, women have been defined sexually in terms of what pleases men (McCann and Kim, 2003). This is clearly an example of the negative effects our traditional patriarchal society has on women.
Are men and heterosexual relationships really necessary? No, they are not. Traditional heterosexual relationship is an institution of violence against women., “Rape may be the fastest growing crime in the United States. And it is men…” states Thompson (pg 69).“The blood of raped women” (Nikki Craft) is a symbol of traditional society. Statistics show that the perpetrators of child abuse and sexual abuse are generally men. Instead of focusing on men and sex, women should focus on the advancement of female power and dominance through spreading "androphobia" views about men. The Concept of a "total matriarchy” will restrict and limit the role of males in society. Women must invest their energies in other women, creating new space and dialogue about women's relationships, and remain seperate from men and masculinity. In order to put an end to violence, the ideas of notorious D.A. Clarke should be advanced: “To transform a rape culture” and “justice is a Woman with a sword”; are ideas that should be followed. Most males must be castrated and dressed in pink skirts and bras like girls, to learn not to be aggressive at a very early age. In our technically advanced time, women may be fertilized artificial. It is safe to say that traditional heterosexual relationship must be abolished.
In conclusion, a new type of social structure, a Radical Feministic society with dominant feminists’ in control would be better than the traditional patriarchal society we live in today. With the abolition or disregard of such a society, the suffering of the past created by a patriarchy can be negated.: patriarchy will no longer be the hierarchy in place and thus a fundamental problem of society; masculinity; the State and capitalism; marriage institution; traditional sex, will no longer exist. The new social structures may be arranged through anarchistic conglomerates of independent communities, social structured as, for example, like bees’ swarms and hives. The social structure of whom may be divided on following subdivisions or classes:
A single The Queer (infertile female) – an oldest, and most notorious leader of the swarm; will represent symbol of celebrating identity; swarm keeper.
Amazonian [womin] (infertile females) – the upper class of civil and
security managers of the hive.
Brood (offspring) – which will be selected and classifies onto subunits of social structure of swarm.
The funniest (homosexual males) – the lower class of managers and craftsmen.
Broody (artificial fertilized females) – with main feature to produce and breast-feed the brood.
Eunuchs (castrated males) – de-facto social status of specific person, castrated since born and being told that he is born by The Queer, who is considered as a property of whole social structure, for the purpose to accumulate a surplus of goods and services. Might be treated by drugs to stimulate behavior.
Drones (not castrated males) – de-facto status of specific person, kept separate in special secured cells (in chambers and in chains), to produce genetic material.

List of used literature:
“A new vision of Masculinity”, Cooper Thomson, essay
“People, power and politic 10th edition”, custom text for Brooklyn College
1 wikipedia.org
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