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Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

дивний народ росіяни. Хоча може полонія бояться, все ж таки від нього мруть.


2006-11-27 05:50 pm UTC (link)
не понимаю зачем этот балаган? или таким образом вы думаете отвлечь внимание спецслужб от революционеров? Может есть какието материалы непосредственно по теме дискусии и НЕ о пидарасах?

2006-11-27 11:39 pm UTC (link)
>или таким образом вы думаете отвлечь внимание спецслужб от революционеров?

tak, s Vami vse yasno

2006-11-30 12:14 am UTC (link)
т.е. кроме балагана с пидарасами материалов нет?

2006-11-30 12:22 am UTC (link)
Est' zapis' NTV. Kogda pridet - vylozhu.
Vashu isterichnost' ne odobryayu.

2006-11-30 12:28 am UTC (link)
Какой истеричности?
вы обявили дискуссию на територии одного из лучших унивеситетов на серьозную тему.
Многие, вкл. меня использовали свои ресурсы для привлечения внимания к вашему 'проекту'
а вместо этого вы подсунули идиотское видео с трансвеститами.

2006-11-30 12:40 am UTC (link)
Eto vse, chto snyato na kameru, ostal'noe - u NTV.

>использовали свои ресурсы для привлечения внимания

Pozhalujsta, nudite v kakom-nibud' drugom zhurnale.

2006-11-30 12:46 am UTC (link)
т.е. Вас интересовала лишь аспект 'веселого' трансвестизма?
Вы бы отвечали за свои слова, юноша.

06-11-30 12:58 am UTC (link)
Esli ya sidel za stolom, mozhno dogadat'sya, chto snimal ne ya?
koroche, v sleduyuschij raz "primenjajte svoi resursy" dlya kogo-nibud' drugogo. v panoptikum - eto vpered i napravo.

2006-11-30 01:05 am UTC (link)
глядя на ваши 'видео' очевидно что v panoptikum к вам стремяться трансвеститы.

2006-11-30 01:13 am UTC (link)
Blin, hernyu kakuyu-to na pustom meste razvodite.

2006-11-30 01:23 am UTC
may be you have a problem with understanding russian ?

Can yuo answer a simple question:

why you reported on:

"Does Russia need its own Orange Revolution?"
The scientists' debate (in Russian)

with this:

Is it really because of a modern state of russian mentality that any matter
gets reduced to homosexuals and alike?

Or is it because of someting else?

Why are there no information of the discuassion itself exept:

1. The audience clearly identified with zhivoi, who argued against revolutionary change in Russia (potential for bloodshed). Unfortunately, due to the later incident I forgot to let the audience vote at the end. During the initial vote, only a few voted for an Orange revolution.

2. Misha tiphareth oscillated between dispassionate impartiality and arguments which were far too individualistic for the audience's taste. His critique of the "Energy Empire", however, was devastating.

3. Popular support of zhivoi stemmed partly from his more cautious suggestions, partly from Misha's lack of concern for rhetoric, partly from the novelty of the concepts the latter discussed (such as the alliance of nationalists and liberals).


is it out of fear or stupidity of every single one present?

To me it looks like a gay club gathering on some 3rd grade public access TV in New York

2006-11-30 01:37 am UTC
>is it out of fear or stupidity of every single one present?

You're actually worse than Telnikoff. I think it's high time for you to fuck off.

2006-11-30 06:22 pm UTC

You dont have ANYTHING to say ON THE MATTER.

Well, just remember-

internet and what you write here will stay forever.

And you are going to be remembered as a stupid idiot forever.
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