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Литвиненко міг бути свідком розслідування Романо Проді- агента КГБ, прем'єра Італії.

Мотивом його вбивства вирогідно могло стати те, що він, Литвиненко, був потенційним свідком, про якого каже ниже депутат Баттен.

In April 2006, a British MEP for London, Gerard Batten (UKIP), cited allegations by Litvinenko that Romano Prodi, the Italian Centre-Left leader (who recently left his post as Prime Minister) and former President of the European Commission, had been the KGB's "man in Italy".

Batten demanded an inquiry into the allegations. He told the European Parliament that Litvinenko had been informed by FSB deputy chief, General Anatoly Trofimov (who was shot dead in Moscow in 2005,[12]) that "Romano Prodi is our man (in Italy)".

Anatoly Trofimov was assassinated by unknown gunmen in April 2005.

According to Brussels-based newspaper the EU Reporter on 3 April 2006, "another high-level source, a former KGB operative in London, has confirmed the story".

Among Litvinenko's most serious claims is that Prodi assisted in the protection of KGB operatives allegedly involved in the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981.

Зверніть увагу що газета Ля Репуібліка публікує фальшоване інтерв'ю з Литвиненко ПІСЛЯ його смерті.

However, there is at least one possible contrasting view regarding Litvinenko's reported allegations against Prodi: an interview which, according to "La Repubblica", one of the main Italian newspapers, Litvinenko had given to one of its reporters on March 3, 2005.

In this interview, published shortly after Litvinenko's death,

it was revealed that in March 2004 he had been asked by Mario Scaramella (see below) if the tip that Prodi had passed on about the safe house where Aldo Moro was held after being kidnapped by the Red Brigades had its source in the KGB (and not in a séance, as Prodi had claimed); and if the KGB were behind Moro's kidnapping and the training of the Red Brigades. Litvinenko's reply, according to "La Repubblica", was: "I said that I did not know any details about Moro's kidnapping and that I had never heard about Prodi. I just pointed out that, if they wanted to hear my opinion as an expert, it was hardly believable that Prodi had learned that piece of information during a séance and that surely the KGB had followed the kidnapping trying to acquire information. I did not have and I do not have any kind of evidence about Prodi."[14]

А ось дослівно заява депутата Європарламенту від Лондону:


26th April 2006 : Speech in the European Parliament : Romano Prodi

At the last Parliamentary session I revealed the allegation that Romano Prodi had been an agent, of some kind, of the KGB.

Since then Mr Prodi has become Prime Minister of Italy. As such he will be a member of the European Council, and will have access to confidential information.

The KGB, now the FSB, is central to the institutionalised web of organised crime and corruption that dominates Russia.

It is not possible to resign from the KGB any more than it is from La Cosa Nostra.

Therefore I repeat my request for this Parliament to conduct an investigation into these allegations.

Former, senior members of the KGB are willing to testify in such an investigation, under the right conditions.

It is not acceptable that this situation is unresolved, given the importance of Russia's relations with the European Union.

The Parliament should not be constrained by the fact that former senior communist party members from Eastern Europe currently sit on the Commission.

Дякуючи Богові і великій Англійській нації ще не перевелися порядні політики.

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