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Відірвався від справ, лежу на сонечку, хоч і через скло, втішуюся музончиком
baba na spyni
Horace Andy

is a much sweeter singer than Bob Marley

His sound is considerably less commercial and much less `overproduced`


Found also from Basic Channel realeses

Those people have the best musical taste in the WORLD

I am proud to have almost ALL of his recordings

as well as

beloved Jackie Mittoo

Also - A FANTASTISHEN CATCH from BC cathalogs

God Bless!

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photo was changed in the last 5 minutes 5 time:)

i am having so much fun- i can not decide which i like better

AP- is A MAN!!!!

I mean "Macka Fat" is a very good album. And photo on it is good too, I guess.

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