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(no subject)


it is a real devil

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Переведи, да?

переведи для беларуских друзей на соловьячу мову. Или лосевый белросский.

Re: Переведи, да?

siogodni drug a zavtra shmatok smerduchogo laina

beregy gamanaec

Re: Переведи, да?

Это ты на каковском так засекречен?Смердячий лайн что есть? и что есть гаманек?давай на имперской, плз. Я тобой Го даю: то тоби нагад на безлюдя!

Re: Переведи, да?

White Mice zapisal pesnu pod takim nazvaniem

inogdadrug a inogd kto? esli drug inogda to inogda ne drug

a ne drug eto nedrug sootv. vrag

Re: Переведи, да?

Спаси Бог. Как сам? Приветы Нинархии.

ya v Kyivi


peredam kaneshno pryvit

haha, i can tell that )))

ты пользуешься аськой щас ?

tut medlenyi internet u menya((

380-67-5000661 kyivskyi telefon
sms mopjno poslat s
ili kak ugodno

Serzik, you gotta watch out pal, don't forget KGB is still active and most likely frowns upon most of your pro-Ukraine activities. Good luck anyways.

to tell the truth-

i became cinical and frustrated- lost any respect to ORANGE as they are today

i think politics here DONT EXIST

and the best attitude-


There is nobody to support. People should start at a grass routs, orginize at the lowest local level, start resolving local problems with hot water, illegal construction, ANYTHING, gain experience, fins other grass root groups, unite, orginize front

But it will take several years at least

Tymoshenko or Lucenko are no opposition at all.
They all are corrupted garbage

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