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Порадили кіно Престиж. Дейвід Боуі грає Теслу, того хто вигадав електрику!
The work is epic in sweep, beautifully filmed, and strongly acted. The only odd note in casting is David Bowie as Nikola Tesla (he looks nothing like the actual Tesla, if you care about these sort of things, and his appearance calls attention to itself as superstar casting often does), but Mr. Bowie holds his own. Solid performances are all around, with Michael Caine adding dignity and depth as the old master, Scarlett Johanssen as the as the lovely stage assistant who becomes the third point in a twisted love triangle, and even Andy Serkis

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Saw it soon after release. Not impressed too much

well, yeah, i never saw it,

just the idea of Bowie as a TESLA is a pleasure))

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