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Installation and sculpture


A.'.A.'.:Amatorius Artificium
Eric Love       
A model of an after-market/black-market human cloning machine, set specifically for erotic slave units.

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A Matter of Perspective       
Douglas Ruuska         
By day, this piece is a static, double-armed, spiral galaxy made of a a skeletal construct with various mechanisms exposed for leisurely perusal and examination.  By night, its mesmerizing purpose comes to life when darkness obscures the structural elements, leaving behind an ever-changing pin-wheel of colors, patterns, and moods.

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Empress Mess
Remniscent of the "Strong Man" and "Bathing Beauties" cut-outs from the past, these three paintings are best viewed by inserting your face where the image's face would be.


Bathroom Blues (Paradise)
Y.B.1 Earth Projects
Navigating the perilous bathroom stalls, we've undertaken the interactive unknown. With
a photocopy of Marc Chagall's painting of "Paradise" as North Star, dangling from the
ceiling, we creatively press on. Through cathartic torrents, unpredictable emotional storms and ceaseless flushing toilets, we sail ever forward, always on the look out for that glimmer of light, a splash of yellow, the promised land. Free-associative live-action painting jam. Open to all.


A large, pink inflatable ring with LED modules.

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Crispell Wagner
A 3-D, light-based art piece that was located on the playa directly in front of the Boston Village.

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Cultural Park Flower Tree   
Ellen Heine
A tree with foliage and ornate, shimmering metallic flowers.  Constructed of recycled materials in keeping with 2007's Green Man theme, the sculpture was placed in the Mangrove at Burning Man this year.

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Destn8sn Unknown
David Bretherton       
Art car

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Do Not Ignite    
Judy Sky         
Mixed Media (Wood, Metal, Glass).


Brion Gysin Sandrine
The dreamachine is a rotating cylinder equipped with slits and a bulb in its center. The rotation of the cylinder makes the light emitted by the bulb cross the slits at a particular frequency, plunging the brain in a state of relaxation.

Concrete Jungle

NYC Decompression 2007








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The Green Lady        
Shanan Bentley           
A twenty-five foot tall likeness of the Statute of Liberty, made of 1" steel tubing, complete with a lit torch and crown as exhibited in Asylum Village.


International Bass Player
Rolf Levenbach
A painting is connected to a (hanging) string bass head via 5 EL wires. A different fragment of music plays as each EL wire is randomly turned on.

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Light Box
Michael Newman
Two back-lit Greenman light boxes.


Eli Kent
A pint-size, one-hole mini-golf course for your putting pleasure.


Spin In
Shannon Tamsin
A mixed-media, interactive poetry exhibit, which appeared on the playa in 2005, and was later shown at the Atelier II show at David Boyajian's Gallery, the Slide Luck Pot Luck IV at the Bath House Studios, and at the Sarah Lawrence Summer Writing program in 2006.

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This project is essentially a very long windsock, consisting of helium balloons attached to a single medium strength monofilament line. The structure acts as a detailed ground wind profiler, highlighting the direction and speed of the wind at different levels above the surface of the ground.

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STFU Katielady Street Bench         
Sidney Oolongo          
A bench made out of materials rescued from construction dumpsters around SoHo has been branded with "STFU Katielady."  After Decom, the bench will be installed in SoHo as the inaugural piece in a series of 3-D art that will reuse the waste generated by the transformation of SoHo to benefit its denizens.


Technicolor 2
Lisa Renko and Michael Matel
Technicolor is the name for extremely popular color film processes, famous for vivid,
saturated use of color, it was used for many of the great classic films up until the 1950's. 
Through the use of various colored light sources, black lights, photo-canvases, and a range of reflective surfaces, the artists wish to immerse the viewer into a contemporary variation, a micro-hallucinatory world, the second installational layer in their Technicolor series.

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Susanna Conaway
This piece is built from discarded lenses and a birdcage stand found on the street. It creates a fractal visual experience that distorts, and at the same time, enhances our perception and the way we see mundane experience, as movement and light are seen through it.

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Voting Booth
Martin Dockery
At the 2006 Decom, Martin Dockery beat out his brother, Tim, for the coveted Homecoming King crown. This year, amazingly, it is again down to these same two candidates! Who will take home the title this year? The voting booth will feature full-color audio/visual commercials, with each candidate making his case directly to you.


3DUV (The Lost in Fire Collection)
T. Mikey (Mike Tracy)
A display of multiple large-scale three-dimensional blacklight paintings.

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Photography and paintings


Troy C. Frantz           
Oil paintings & small sculptures.


Buddha Wants You, Shroom Heruka           
Zoran Crnkovic and Betsy Long        
Painting of Buddha and dancing burning mushroom demon painted with black light paint.


Camp Montage         
Robert Beideman        
Brand new pieces based on photos from Burning Man 2007. The signature piece, "View from the Spoke at 7:30 and Estuary," is a 360 degree panorama of the "double rainbow" moment.


The Compromise

Archer Hutchinson

“Like Che Guevara with bling on.” What? What happened to the movement? Is it all good now? Archer examines the role the hip-hop bling mentality has on the focus and direction of today’s communities of color in comparison with yesteryear’s communities of color and their influences. The artist illustrates his viewpoint by placing iconic community leaders within today’s materialistic hip-hop culture. Gandhi iced out…Harriet Tubman rocks hoochie gear... King super fly, super dope, super fresh... By way of this exhibit Archer asks the question – has the movement been compromised?

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Contemplating My Pipik
Eric Davis
I collected the lint - and hair - from my navel for ten years and photographed the most figurative, attractive, and sometimes threatening specimens by placing them directly on the glass of a high-resolution flatbed scanner. I then carefully removed stray flecks from the images and intensified and balanced the colors in order to present each specimen as a fully formed, self-contained entity. The resulting images suggest fuzzy, biomorphic figures with luminous bodies and swirling flagella.


The Green Goddess
Stephen McKenzie
This is a printing/painting on canvas, featuring the female counterpart to the Green Man. The image is created using shaped templates cut from styrofoam or cardboard that are inked and then pressed onto the canvas.


LED Murals
Liz Manicatide
With lighting collaboration from Carl Gruesz
Acrylic on muslin with Color Kinetics LED lighting.  Large colorful painted dreamscapes, illuminated by saturated color-changing light; colors seem to flip, creep and swap as the lights change, highlighting curvaceous forms and hidden elements. These murals were the centerpiece of interior decoration for The Cube at Boston's Automatic Subconscious theme camp.  


Male Faces (Queens, New York)
Ricardo Frances         
A realist vision of all male faces of different races that reside in Queens. 


Metaphysics of Dog and Man         
Jennifer Hicks
Acrylic and gold leaf on wood.  The inspiration for this series of people's relationships with their pets and each other occurred during winter on Cape Cod.


My Hudson River     
Mark Vinsun  
An abstract, realistic vision of the Hudson River.


Out of the Bliss
Shannon Tamsin
Bringing the playa into the concrete jungle, Out of the Bliss is a poem printed on a high definition photo of the surface of the playa, on which people stand to read the poem.

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Cali Alpert     
A slew of various documentary/travel photos.


Pinhole Camp Photographs
Yvette Pasqua
The pinhole camp has been creating large-scale pinhole art with festival participants since 1999. The pinhole came about of the desire of four first-time participants to contribute in a unique and lasting way to the ephemeral pleasures of the playa. Each year, we build and operate a truck-sized, walk-in darkroom and six to twelve portable, bike-mobile pinhole barrel cameras that we lend to festival participants.


Sixties Fun
by Bex Vargas
Acrylic on canvas.  Three colorful paintings depict parts of a short scene in which a retro alien sporting a beehive takes a puff of a cigarette.


Various Photographs
Carl Saytor
Large panoramic photos of Burning Man.


Walking By Brail, Red Woods, Mr Melty, Reflected Gifts of Sunrise
Ali Schmitz
Vinyl prints of photography all 3.5' by 5'.


3DUV (Three Dimensional Ultraviolet)
These large-scale ultraviolet-sensitive paintings use a multi-planar approach with their own light-boxes, incorporating white lights, blacklights, and strings of multi-colored oscillating lights. Each piece’s sensitivities to light and use of transparent materials enhance the work's color depth and form for a completely unique visual experience.


5 Selected Paintings
Ken Scallon
Abstract, surreal mixed-media paintings.


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Film and video art


Burning Man 2006 Film - An Electronic Composition
Jonathan Sarno
A live electronic musical performance in which an experimental film of images from Burning Man, some digitally altered, are projected on a floor to ceiling screen above the audience.


Burning Man - Hope and Fear - 2006
Jonathan Sarno
A special preview of the feature film Burning Man - Hope and Fear - 2006 . The film is one of the few Burning Man films made by a New Yorker. It depicts the experience of Burning Man--the theme camps, the art, the music, the dust storms, the culture--and includes interviews with Larry Harvey and Rod Garrett.


Fascade Filosophia
Holly Danger
A looped, three-minute stopmotion animation about a dark love story.


The Green Man
Patrick Morell
The first hour of a rough-cut of a film that focuses on the artists and art of Burning Man.


Hopes & Fears at Burning Man 2006
Patrick Morell
A global approach towards the Burning Man event, as viewed from participating artists, rangers, and burners based on their Hopes and Fears for the future in America and elsewhere.


Let Me Out
Rosemary Siciliano
A looped video projection montage with poetic voiceover.


Jason Weston
Swirly clouds of texture and light respond to every movement. The participants create their own light show as a camera captures their movements, which generate corresponding abstract-particle animation that is projected onto a screen.


Schwag: The Movie
Rev. Samuel
A low-budget, independent feature-length movie about marijuana legalization, wrapped in the guise of an homage to late-70s biker-era films.


Untitled Installation   
A long-range projection of the Unisphere onto itself.


Untitled, Nevada 2007          
Samantha Casolari    
The project is a slideshow of still images fashioned as a vintage movie that will be projected on a wall.       


6 at 2006        
Narunas Bukauskas   
A short film following the steps of a six-year-old participant at Burning Man 2006.



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Bellydancing Workshop
Enjoy Katra’s performance, then learn to belly dance afterwards with a short group performance to follow the workshop.


Exploring Yoga through Nature Earthly Curious Creatures
Shivani (aka Irena Jaroszewski)
Parents and kids can explore the elements of nature: water (sun salutations & vinyasa), earth (mountain & tree), air and fire (breathing exercises), along with creature critters. Dress comfortably so you’re able to move.


Face decoration for the masses. Everyone deserves a little paint.


GrooveHoops Workshop
Stefan, Michele, and GrooveHoops
Hoop it up with the talented GrooveHoops team. No hooping experience required!


Developmental Transformations
Fred Landers
An imaginative, embodied encounter within a mutual agreement of pretend. Participants will improvise movements and roles within an evolving series of structures provided by the facilitators.


Kids Jungle Lounge
The Flaming Tulips: Liberty, Albert and Tara
Throughout the day we will feature of variety of events including musical chairs, tea parties, bouncing house, dance contests, face painting, percussion jams, crafting, snacks, along with a special presentation by Jessica Baldwin (curator of Kids Rub-u-lad and Orin Mom) who will present a top secret experiment that will draw enough power from a piece of fruit to run a light bulb.

Click image to enlarge


The Lazarus Project
Nancy Rakoczy
The Lazarus Project is a way to recycle and reconfigure dry cleaner bags into useful objects. Cut and shredded dry cleaner bags along with knitting needles and small looms will be provided to participants. We will use the time to knit or weave together the dry cleaner bags to create some nice pieces that can then be sewn together to create window coverings or paneled screens. On the other hand, maybe the participants would have some ideas how these reconfigured dry cleaner bags could be used.


Making Cookies with Meg with Cookies
Enjoy delicious art while designing your own cookies!


Mobile Karaoke
Michael Cha
Find this roving Karaoke machine or it will find you!  Win a Karaoke Diva medal by singing obscure and out-of-place songs.


Origami Networks
Sarah Julig
Help build a collaborative structure by learning how to make cut-and-folded paper origami modules. Our individual modules will then be intertwined and strung across the space, creating a geometric network in an evershifting environment.


Photo Booth
Jung (Abject Photo)
Be the Next Top Burner Model! Visit the Photo Booth and prepare to move in different modeling positions in your playa best!


Question “?” Booths
Camp ?
We have the questions, you have the answers! We offer questions to challenge your sanity and stimulate your imagination.


Reiki Haven
Natalie Wilson
Experience relaxation and physical, emotional, and energetic healing through the ancient healing art of Reiki. Reiki Master Diva Natalie, along with other Reiki practitioners, will be on hand to provide healing sessions in the afternoon and evening. Reiki is an ancient healing art that uses universal energy (chi or ki) to assist in the healing process through a gentle laying on of hands. There is no physical manipulation involved and sessions are performed fully clothed.


Roaming Face & Body Painting
Treat your face and body to a pampering with paint by the lovely and talented Carin.


Rose Petal Pool
Kids are welcome to play in the Rose Petal Pool during the day by tossing the petals around confetti style.  Adults will enjoy lounging in the luxurious texture of the evening version of the pool.


Rounder’s Drum Jam
Family drumming games.


Talk Show


So who are YOU?
Forget the ladies on the View, move over Regis and Kelly, shut it down
Live from Decom - it's your chance to sparkle, shine and SPEAK.
You're the star of this show. Just stop by the freight elevator for
your 5 minutes of semi-sort-of-fame. We can't wait to hear all about you.


Toe Portraits
Eric Davis
Roles blur and perspectives multiply in this on-site project where you are the subject! Draw a portrait of someone on his or her big toe and then sit while someone else draws a portrait of you on your big toe. Photographs will reveal both the subject and the toe portrait and an online slideshow will be available soon after. Find me or call 917-806-0515 to set up a portrait!


Tau Chi Chung
Eric Love
Tau Chi Chung is a pattern of relaxed body positions performed slowly with precise breathing control. With each step, your energy is focused and developed. Please remember to wear clothing you can move in.


Tim Tam Slam!
Taste the most amazing chocolate tea biscuit in the world! Straight from New South Wales, Australia, the home of the Tim Tam, learn how to do a Tim Tam Slam! Described by some as an orgasm for your mouth – hurry over to enjoy while supplies last. Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate will be available for your enjoyment.


Urban Jungle Exposition
Anna Malmude
The legendary mother of James and NYC Urban Gardener offers a gardening activity in which dirt is our friend. Help worms love the dirt and create your very own jungle in the city



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Camp Love Letters
Yearning & Burning for love? Come to Camp Love Letters and speed up the process! Write a missive to the object of your affection and we will deliver it for you. It may be your heartfelt love of a DJ or an entire camp or even the mysterious stranger of your dreams.


Dimension 24
Very little is known about irregular hypersphere packings. Dimension 24 is special due to the existence of the Leech lattice, which has the best kissing number and for a long time was suspected to be the densest lattice packing. Estimates show that the kissing number in n dimensions grows exponentially.


Disco Cowboy
A camp you know and love will bring you pleasure with the shake and shimmy of their mechanical bull in their new 2007 Decom incarnation.


Disorient on the Lawn is a sculpture garden inflated and stretched to the sound of deep bass and downtempo grooves. You may bring a blanket only to find that you are moved to dance. You may come to dance only to find that you have stopped to stare at the lights. Welcome to Disorient.


Fairy Lounge
Fairy Lounge is a kid-friendly crafting spot for fairies and those who believe in fairies. We blow bubbles, spread glitter, make wings, and create magic. At Fairy Lounge all are welcome to join us for wing-making & other crafting & relaxing.


Glass Bead Collective
In this inflatable dome you will experience live audio/visual mixes and 360-degree immersive footage from this year’s Burning Man.


Gnome Camp
Escape the garden! Relax and commune with a giant gnome, fluffy stuffed animals, and maybe even each other in Gnome Camp’s mushroom home.


Image Node
We're like, all freaky, and stuff. And we have a nice Seizuredome.


Kostume Kult
Kostume Kult adopts all kinds of used costumes and donates them to the costumeless. At Decompression, we will be providing costumes as well as makeup application and face paint during the afternoon. At night, we will host a costume fashion show by artist
Wheylan, and a massage parlor.


Krishna Camp
The burners at Krishna Camp know how to party. It's our life, our culture, our religion you might say. Fill your stomach. Fill your ears. Fill your eyes. Fill your soul. Make your pilgrimage to Black Rock City complete by bringing your unique flavor of playa love to the primeval play house of Lord Jagannatha, the Master of the Universe.


Come and play with soft squishy toys. Come and arThou yourself on squishy, soft stuff. Come forth and be yourself. We love everyone. Enjoy a momentary thought, express a spontaneous vow, and most importantly, enjoy it!


Bring your lips and a partner (or meet one here) for a smoochy good time! Snuggle up, get cozy and smooch someone while you watch the big-ass globe through a veil of red.



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The Beat Poet
Imagine if Dr. Seuss became a rapper and bounced to fresh, futuristic, shake-your-booty beats.


Rob Byrd
Plays ambient guitar music.


Color Wheel
This new dance troupe aims to combine many aesthetic forms into one cohesive vision, including ancient and modern forms, urban psykodelic voodoo burlesque, hula hoops, and airbrush art.

Finding a Lost Cause
A Butoh-based performance about a mythical girl who becomes a dragonfly.  Live percussion and computer-generated music to accompany this dynamic and moody dance. 

Jessica Delfino
Plays guitar and flying-V ukelele while singing quirky, dirty songs and telling jokes.


An awesome duo of folk, blues, humor, and a little healthy dash of the morose.


Lecture: Reconnecting Art and Life at Burning Man
Christine Kristen (Ladybee)
A talk about art, collaboration and community, and how Burning Man has engendered an alternative way of making and experiencing art.


No Direction Home
Yana & TJ K.M.
The two characters of Twinning (Pig and Sheep) place two mats on the floor and begin a ritual that resembles a card game that leads to unexpected, chaotic, and alarming choices of mutual movement.  This performance is intended to strip multiple perspectives down to single contextualized event where the viewer can observe an isolated couple.


Open Mike
Hosted by Elissa Stanton.


Opera On Tap
In order to prove the fun quotient of opera, Opera on Tap has taken its act to barrooms across NYC and shown that beer on tap truly enhances the operatic experience. After last
year's smashing success, the group returns to Decom to present one of their unique and irreverrant opera extravaganzas!

Click image to enlarge


Poptrash Poetry
SuzQ! invites you to a karaoke party of beat poetry songs you know and love.

An old-timey, blues/folk band with vocals, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and various other instruments.

What a Day for a Playa Dream
Ali Schmitz will perform her Miss Black Rock City 2007 song which includes audience participation using kazoos.


Wheylan's Fashion Show
Wheylan Dean-Ford
A master of urban grit and glam, Wheylan Dean-Ford presents his fall fashion line inspired by the 1970s disco era. Befitting intergalactic superstars, Wheylan's unique custom-designed pieces can be spotted from Black Rock City to New York City.

Click image to enlarge

Zero Boy
Zero Boy
He is an East Village performance artist, stand-up comic, and “vocal acrobat” who has toured the United States and Europe, recounting his zany adventures in Zeroland through a unique blend of sound and mime. He has been seen on MTV, Fox, and Friends, and has been heard on NPR's “The Next Big Thing.” He has also been seen and heard on the Playa since 1999.

Click image to enlarge

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Nicholas Bergery
Nicholas Bergery is a Digital Impressionist. The fusion of photography and computers allows him to create hybrid art that goes beyond the reproduction of reality, to evoke emotions by means of a personal transformation of representational images. Bergey is also a colorist. Colors are his private language that he uses to create impressions for others to share.
He photographs more than the eye can see in a single glance. He is moved by the juxtaposition of the physical earth and metaphysical-like sky and clouds. From up in the Clouds to down to Earth, Bergery as inspired by Caribbean clouds, vivid parrots, and tropical flowers as by exotic people, Nightlife Fantasy and Halloween parades. Starting with photographic images, the artist paints and enrichs both these worlds in dense, hybrid paintings with strong colors and small strokes.
He creates hybrid art prints that combine photography and digital painting. These prints are limited edition fine art of archival quality. He uses his past experiences with drawing, painting, collage, photography and photochemical retouching and applies these traditional techniques in the digital domain.

Click image to enlarge


Guillaume Clave
VJ and video artist Guillaume Clave is based New York, USA has been involved in the trance scene since 1991 and start producing trance parties in Paris and Nice (France) in 1992 in association with T.B.E.(Trans Body Express). Since the late '90s Guillaume has been performing as VJ for parties across the US. Guillaume is known for his signature psychedelic visual effects, which has been displayed at art galleries and video conferences in France, Spain, Mexico, South Africa and the US (including at Burning Man, Nevada) as well at The United Nations for Earth Day. His as been working for Synthetic Sadhus(New York), Tsunami (New York), Fusion (North-California), Gaian Mind (Philadelphia), Omnitribe (New York), Alladin Projects (New York), CoSM (New York), EarthDance 2007, Cape Town, SA and others, but also performed at and for Red Bull campaigns.


Dr. Light
Dr. Light specializes in performance based video and light art for installation and live events. The Dr ’s general mission is to create a seamless and immersive environment in which light and video are perceived as one fluid entity. Through the use of interactivity as well as the latest in convergent technology (LED lighting & pixel.mapped devices) the environmental and social conditions of the event drive its illuminated ambiance. The video and lighting serves to define space as well as feed the participants own occular stimulation and establishes a degree of personal connection with the environment as well as the event.


Scott Draves a.k.a. Spot
Scott Draves a.k.a. Spot is a video and software artist residing in New York City and San Francisco. He is the creator of the Fractal Flame algorithm, the Bomb visual-musical instrument, and the Electric Sheep distributed screen-saver. All of Draves' software artworks are released as open source and distributed free on the internet. His award-winning work has appeared in Wired Magazine, the Prix Ars Electronica, the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, and on the dance-floor at the Sonar festival in Barcelona. In 1997 Spot received a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University for a thesis on metaprogramming for media processing. He projects live video for underground parties and at clubs, and self-publishes SPOTWORKS, a DVD of abstract animation synchronized with electronic music. Besides teaching at Parsons School of Design, his current project is Dreams in High Fidelity, a painting that evolves, and is installed in the lobby of Google's headquarters


Terri Ferrari
Besides VJing, Terri Ferrari created projections for several Theatrical productions including 'The Birth and Theft of Television', 'The Earth People versus the Carcass Eaters', 'The Cynthia Show''Fishing in a Dry Swamp', ‘Dreams of the Picture Bride’ and the 'Road'. and Sudden Enlightenment Theater's productions Terri's work uses juxtaposition and obscurity to challenge the viewers' perceptions. Terri likes to layer digital, analog and live camera sources to obscure the method in his madness and create moving paintings.


Adam Fischzang - Visual Journey Productions

One of Adam Fischzang's passions is video projection and working with color and light. His current interest is to provide Live video feedback projections mixed with a multicultural psychedelic motif infused with video of Burningman 2007 for Decom 07. Adam has been providing video projection for live bands and DJ style parties for a few years now.  Some of his work includes Burning Beach Ball, Camp Bisco V, StangeFolk New Years Eve 07, The Hooligans Thanksgiving Party '07, The Trapps CD release party, WeddingStock '06, Monica's Kneepads Disco Band.


Missy Galore

Working across mediums, Missy Galore's innovative expressions fuse technology with emotion in a technOrganic assemblage advancing the relationship between visual, installation, performance, and activist art.Themes are revisited and deeply explored, for example: the sociology of food is examined in songs about agricultural; collages of cooking supplies; fashions of foodstuffs and cinema verite. Live performances are filmed and re-integrated into future forays giving her work a depth of development years in the making. Galore weaves the fabric of life with pixels.


Jaygo Ishkabibble
Jaygo Ishkabibble once camped with Disorient. Now he is a cranky Chinese businessman


Marc Scheff
Marc Scheff is the Maestro of live digital painting. Working from his conductor's music stands, Marc lays down abstract shapes and colors, influenced only by his present environment, and work these into representations of figures and scenes. Send him what energy you can to contribute to the work. Marc came from a computer science and programming background as well as art, and now combines both in live digital performances across the United States.
The Sperm Whale play character based animation and computer elements using their own open source VJ software , Orcha.



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Ammon EP (Boston, Soul Trance Records) sonicbeating.org




Butterface djbutterface.com


Derek Beres & Fabian Globesonic.com


Diva Danielle (Hipgenesis, Los Angeles)


Douggie Style


Friar Tuck (Disorient) thegoodfriar.com




Hercules (Live PA)


Jason Blackkat (Blackkat, Septik Nexus) blackkat.org


Jeff Mission (Boston) beatfix.com


Joro Boro (A Cavallo)


DJ Justin


King Britt (Philadelphia Experiment)


Kristina Supergenius


LB3 (Nucleus NYC) lb3.com


Lee Mayjahs (Philadelphia Experiment)


Mic Rage




Mychø pan cocoa (NY / LA)


Nick Berezansky


Rumble (Disorient, live electronic set)


DJ Scientific (dj set)


DJ Shakey djshakey.com






Spiral Blaster (Sprial Blaster, Disorient, live electronic set)


+ lounge acts, acoustic music, open mics, and more TBA.



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Important dates

Tickets go on sale at 9am EST.

Theme camp & large project submission deadline.

All project submission deadline.

Tickets sales end at 11:59pm EST.




Transportation & Survival Guide


Who? What? Where? When?


Leave no trace...

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