Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

NOW it is time to go to this

Hope i can still catcdh SPINOZA set:

"But I was asked to spin a verrrrry late night (9am-noon) set at this Decom afterparty and couldn't resist. Should be fun.


Hosted in a new 6000 sq ft loft space with 10,000 sq ft roof
(to enjoy a sunrise view over NYC) which will be transformed into the legendary Bubble Island, a since destroyed paradise hidden deep within the recesses of the Archipelago, where on November 3rd 1954 the passengers & crew of a capsized luxury liner landed to find a scenic tropical paradise complete with excesses far beyond the capacity of their imaginations... even sea monsters and foaming waterfalls.

Musical Interludes by:
Dr.littlefish (zuvuya collective)
Kimyon, Deeply moving soul-infused techno
Haj (freak factory / Sub Swara), Funky Breaks
Zemi 17, Space Haus
Zev (Wolf & Lamb), Minimal Techno
Spinoza (the Bunker, Beyond | NYC), minimal techno maybe some weirdypants ambient stuff

Visual Inspirations:
David Bengali
Anya Spaznakova
Kae Burke
Justin Aubuchon
James Vogel
Cleo Fishel
Hali Vik
Plastic Fantastic
Tiffany Seal
Keelan Kelly
Issac Zal
Lady FireFly

Roof Installation:
Aaron Goldsmith

Culinary Delights:
Anthony Tortorici (Synesthesia)

Fire Performance:
New York Sparkworks: The NYC Burning Man Conclave Performance

Mojo Video Tech
Lady FireFly

Interactive Video:
Jason Weston
James Ian Morrison

Saturday Nov 3rd 11 pm -
Sunday Nov 4th 12 pm
(staying open late for after DeCom)

3706 36th st LIC, NY 11101
G,R,V train to 36th st
10 dollars with RSVP to

Win prizes in your best Cruise Wear or imaginary creature or plant
(extra points if balloons or bubbles are involved)

The Sleepy Hut will be open til Sunday late afternoon for those who wish to join the sleepover.
PLEASE bring soft stuff to donate (pillows, blankets, air mattress, and stuffed animal, whatever floats your boat)

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