Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

10:30 PM   The Orb "From A Distance (Blast Master v The Corpral)" Bicycles and Tricycles (Sanctuary) CD
10:36 PM   Herbert "Moving Like a Train" Scale (Accidental / K7!) CD
10:42 PM   Greenskeepers "Polo Club" Polo Club (Om Records) CD
10:47 PM   Paul Kalkbrenner "Queer Fellow (remixed by Ellen Allien & Apparat)" ReWorks (Bpitch Control) CD
10:51 PM   Ada "Cool my fire (I'm burning)" Blondie (Areal) CD
10:55 PM   John Tejada "Strange Creatures" Logic Memory Center (Plug Research) CD
11:00 PM   Enik "No Fire ( Funkstorung Remix)" Funkstorung- Appendix (!K7) CD [C]
11:10 PM   Solenoid "Bezoar Tides" Supernature (Orac) CD
11:10 PM   Marc Houle "Simpler" min2MAX (M_nus) CD [C]
11:18 PM   Claro Intelecto "Tria" Neurofibro (Ai) CD
11:25 PM   Schneider Tm "Fruktos (remix by kptmichigan, taken from frogtoise)" 6 Peace Ep (Mute) CD
11:28 PM   Bodycode "Hands Free Computer Interface" The Conservation Of Electric Charge (Spectral Sound/ Ghostly International) CD
11:30 PM   Jonas Bering "Normandie 1" Sketches For The Next Season (Kompakt) CD
11:51 PM   Off Pop "antiseptic" Elektronische Musik - Interkontinental 2 (Traum) CD [C]

and on and on and on

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