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Найекономічніші авта в США продаються з рекордним приростом
MERCEDES Smart, meanwhile, sold 1,734 of its microcars in March. The automaker has sold 3,476 of the vehicles since it arrived in showrooms in mid-January.

Smart says 67 retail centers are selling the vehicle now. The company says it has “well over 30,000 net reservations and dealership traffic remains strong.”

Daimler, which includes Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart, gained 4.3 percent in March and 9.1 percent for the first quarter. Mercedes sold 20,808 vehicles in March, down from 21,612 a year earlier. But that was still good enough to give Mercedes its highest ever first quarter sales in the United States.

TOYOTA Yaris reported all-time best-ever sales of 12,953 units, up 83.2 percent over the year-ago month.


March 2008: 12,953; March 2007: 7,614; increase 83.2%

From January 1, 2008 till April 1 2008 : 30,377;
From January 1, 2007 till April 1 2007 : 19,186;
Increase for the 1st 3 month in 2007 to the 1st 3 month in 2008 : 60.4%



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Ярис это эвропейскоэ имя тойоты Эхо,
которая в свою очередь это слехка измененный Терцел

двигун вже з Еко наче інший.
На моїй, 2000р, вже 140тис і ЖОДНОГО ремонту

ручна передача, 40-45 миль на галон

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