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What to do to stay safe.

The only way we can prevent a devastating  attack on USA

possibly involving nuclear weapons like the one Paul Williams describes http://w3.newsmax.com/a/dayofislam/   or The FBI Director Robert Mueller warnes in his interview to newsmax

it is to:

 OPENLY point finger to Kremlin and of course its puppets and cooperators in Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe or anyplace in the world.

Exactly by J R Nyquist rational

`Chechnya saved Russia` - Kremlin is hiding behind them:
There is a new book, sporting an old theme, authored by Yossef Bodansky. It is titled Chechen Jihad: Al Qaeda’s Training Ground and the Next Wave of Terror. The main argument of the book may be summarized as follows: Al Qaeda has nuclear weapons, and some of these have probably been smuggled into the United States for use against American cities. The weapons are Soviet-made weapons, smuggled out of Russia courtesy of the Chechen mafia via the Chechen rebel state (i.e., “Al Qaeda’s Training Ground”). It is an old story, first told by Bodansky in 1999 and repeated in greater detail in this more recent volume.

If our public knows who is behind attacks on us- it will support retaliation on a full scale. At the bottom there is a Golitsyn quote.
A must read on current missile defense situation:

"They never want to see us with a capable missile defense for two basic reasons.."

Despite some radical changes in Russia since the implosion of the Soviet Union, nothing much has changed from the old days of Khrushchev beating his shoe on the table at the United Nations. The ruthless people who have run Russia for the last 100 years ― while maybe different politically ― are fundamentally gangsters and thieves who use whatever politics they find convenient to enforce their rule.

Mr. Putin and his fellow and former KGB thugs are in charge of Russia now, and plan to stay in charge until someone knocks them off. This is highly unlikely to occur anytime soon because they are systematically killing off any possible opposition. This practice has changed very little since the communist days, during which Mr. Putin learned his "leadership" and political survivor skills. He is, basically, an old-style Soviet apparatchik wrapped in a populist package.

And Russians have embraced him as a "new populist" ― however, they also like the fact that people around the world are beginning to fear them again. While we call this "resurgent nationalism" and "patriotism" in the West, it's pure and simple fascism ― nothing else is close to accurately describing it.
Thats him:
And here is more of his brilliant assesment  :


Rather than worry about the attribution of our counterterrorist activities, we should be attributing all aspects of terrorism to the known or most likely sponsors of it.

This is as precise as we need to be. We know enough about those who sponsor and support terrorism to hold certain bad actors responsible for it and take very focused military action against them.
In the light of curent events here is Golitsyn:

стр.342, Anatoliy Golitsyn: "New Lies for Old - The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation" (1984)

"Liberalization" in Eastern Europe on the scale suggested could have a social and political impact on the United States itself, especially if it coincided with a severe economic depression.

The communist strategists are on the lookout for such an opportunity. Soviet and other communist economists keep a careful watch on the American economic situation.

The communist bloc will not repeat its error in failing to exploit a slump as it did in 1929-32.

At that time the Soviet Union was weak politically and economically; next time the situation would be different.

Politically the bloc would be better poised to exploit economic depression as proof of the failure of the capitalist system.

Information from communist sources that the bloc is short of oil and grain should be treated with particular reserve, since it could well be intended to conceal preparation for the final phase of the policy and to induce the West to underestimate the potency of the bloc's economic weapons.

The bloc would certainly have an interest in secretly building up reserves of oil and grain that could be used for political purposes in a time of crisis to support newly established procommunist governments in Europe or elsewhere.
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