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Go Johny , GOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McCain proposed :

-doubling the tax exemption for dependents to $7,000 from $3,500 to reflect the rising cost of raising children,
-eliminating the alternative minimum tax and
-offering government-guaranteed mortgages to homeowners at risk of foreclosure.
-McCain also endorsed cutting corporate taxes.

``Economic policy is not just some academic exercise, and we in Washington are not just passive spectators,'' McCain said at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

``We have a responsibility to act. And if I am elected president, I intend to act quickly and decisively.''

McCain blamed the slowdown of the nation's economy in part on bankers and lenders who ``forgot some of the basic standards of their own profession,'' leading to the current crisis in housing and credit.

To ease the burden of energy costs, he proposed a ``gas-tax holiday,'' scrapping the 18.4 cents-per-gallon federal levy from Memorial Day to Labor Day this year.

He singled out James Cayne, 74, chairman of hobbled securities firm Bear Stearns Cos., and Angelo Mozilo, 69, chief executive of Countrywide Financial Corp., which lost $704 million last year

``Something is seriously wrong when the American people are left to bear the consequences of reckless corporate conduct, while Mr. Cayne of Bear Stearns, Mr. Mozilo of Countrywide, and others are packed off with another forty- or fifty million for the road,'' McCain said

McCain proposed charging affluent Americans more to participate in Medicare's prescription drug program, a plan that his advisers said would affect married seniors who earn a joint income of at least $160,000 -- or half that for singles.

McCain proposed a new, permanent research and development tax credit equal to 10 percent of a company's wages spent on research.

McCain still intends to balance the budget before leaving office


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Ха, макейн ніколи не визнає, що система має ваду в своїй основі, тіко знайти козлів відпущення рівнем поменьше, зробить кілька галасливих акцій, а сам лад не міняти. А ще мабуть захоче ще збілшити видатки на армію. А там незабаром і введення комендантського часу....

на мій погляд щире намагання допомогти як раз кому треба

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