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коментар на нову статтю Найквіста про підараса Бюкенена.

"Ясно шо всі , геть всі ІНШІ- підараси. Лише ми у білому фрраку і на білому танку"(народна мудрість)


Buchanan’s Day of Reckoning,  by J. R. Nyquist, Weekly Column Published: 04.18.2008

“When the revolution comes and the fascists are overthrown, the people will go through their list of naughty and nice and get to you in the end. When you are hung for your fomenting and support of crimes against humanity and treason, you can take solace in knowing that, while you were strung up by vigilantes, at least you weren't tortured to death….” -note from a reader.

the wickedness of the United States cannot be compared to the wickedness of the Chinese rulers or the wickedness of Putin’s gang in Moscow. In today’s terms, it is appropriate to say that Russia is a state based on assassination, censorship and the confiscation of private property. Whatever evils are practiced by the U.S. government, they cannot compare with the ready elimination of dissidents, an intelligence service allied with international organized crime and a parliament that serves as a hideout for nuclear terrorists.

Revolutions, french, obama's dirty leftist past connections. I read your last piece on Buchanan.

Well written as always)) well to tell you the truth now i realized why Buchanan never had a chance to win a president race. He is just a stupid man. Thats all. It shows in his books and public opinion FEELS it as well.
But i am also sad that the greatest of greatest concept of REVOLUTION is so much hijacked by the enemy that we forgot WHAT revolution really was in 1776 French went along a different pass: to make it short their mentality was and remains the kind that puts SOCIAL interest in front of individual freedom.

Ours is JUST the opposite: FREEDOM COMES FIRST

So we won and French lost and it will remain like this until they `change` the perspective of their way of thinking or we all be destroyed by obama's pupeteers
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