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З нещодавних слухань в Конгресі США. Плюс дещо з листування.
"The United States, hopeful of garnering Russian support for its policy of sanctioning and ostracizing Iran, would be wise to consider the overall nature of relations between Moscow and Tehran. Given that reality, the notion that Russia would assist in applying significant economic pressure on Iran for its nuclear infractions is far-fetched and fanciful."

by Ray Takeyh, Senior Fellow, Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
He is absolutely right. Here is the bottom line in the Middle East. Russia is against us.

We must realize that since the 60s kgb just got MUCH more experience in this.

So the concern that you are repeating so many times about US under the threat of nuclear attack from within are more then real.

It is beyond the level of journalism or literature,
it is even beyond the politics -

it is grave danger and odds are it will happen soon, just like Golitsyn predicted and like you are saying: as soon as we slide into economical and political chaos and especially if Obama will take over.
Obama as you know already promised to stop any new nuclear weapons development and military research and all: one can read about his promises right on wiki article on him. Looks like he promised this to kremlin , not just to american people

He stated

-that he will stop investing in missile defense systems,
-that he will not weaponize space,
-that he will "slow development of future combat systems," and
-that he would work towards a world without nuclear weapons.

To achieve this goal, Obama wishes to

-end development of new nuclear weapons,
-to reduce the current U.S. nuclear stockpile