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геть комуністів і соціалістів !

Заборонити пропаганду підарастії!

з підпільної аналітики

I'm afraid there are no safe place of refuge to escape to. America is the last domino, the last chance to stop socialism. If the elite is compromised here, then you can imagine what has happened in Brazil. I know a Brazilian writer who fled Brazil because of its growing anti-Americanism and socialism. I get emails from New Zealand about the Communists getting the upper hand there. Even in Chile, socialism has made a comeback. So the United States is all we have left. If we lose America, we lose everything. A new Dark Age will begin. So we must fight on this ground, and it will not be pleasant.

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Вообще говоря, что-то меняется, но не базовое:


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