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Кондоліза Райс ПРИХОВУЄ своє навчання в СОВКУ у 1978 році

According to the London Times, U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice studied in the Soviet Union in 1978. Can you analyze the fact that an American citizen was allowed to study in the communist-era USSR? How does that work and what possibilities did the KGB and GRU have a in case like this?

I am fully convinced that something like that [American citizens innocently studying in the USSR] was not possible. Even in 1970 I saw a campaign in Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia and her communist colleges to recruit students for study courses in the Soviet Union. Despite the fact that the level of interest was huge, a majority of prospective students were rejected because they were not 100 percent pro-communist and pro-Soviet. I also know very well that the only students admitted to Czechoslovak high schools and colleges at that time were those who presented no apparent danger to the communist dictatorship. Here we find that sons and daughters from families that had problems with the communists, or the Russian occupiers, were not allowed to attend high school or college. So it is therefore impossible that somebody from the main enemy country, the United States of America, would be allowed to study in any Soviet college. If that happened there had to be some kind of official contract between the U.S. and USSR. If not, it would have been part of a KGB or GRU recruitment operation.

But in case of Condoleezza Rice there is no mention in her official biography about her course of study in the USSR during the brutal communist regime era. Her positive stand toward the politics of Russia lead by the KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin is signaling something that she ought to explain. What is your opinion about this?

If Condoleezza Rice is covering up in front of the world that she was studying in the Soviet Union at a Soviet college during the aggressive communist era of the 1970's, then undoubtedly she could belong to the highest KGB or GRU cadres.

Only the fact that her mentor, who introduced her to politics, was Josef Korbel, makes this possibility almost certain. Josef Korbel was the architect of the pro-Soviet foreign policies of the World War Two Czechoslovak exiled government of President Edward Benes when he [Korbel], alongside Pavel Kavan, father of the former Czech Republic Foreign Minister and Chairman of the UN General Assembly Jan Kavan [STB communist agent, codenamed KATO], prepared the Czechoslovak-USSR friendship and cooperation agreement of 1943. This agreement … became a fundamental cornerstone of the postwar Sovietization and Bolshevization of Czechoslovakia. I am convinced that Josef Korbel left Europe for America with something of the kind in view, because his anti-Soviet or anti-communist activities were negligible. As for Korbel's pupil Rice, we find a similar situation. The same can also be said of Korbel’s daughter, Madeleine Albright, a formulator of America’s foreign policies under the controlling eye of Bill Clinton.

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