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(no subject)
Yes, I have heard this from a Polish journalist friend who talked to people around Tymoshenko. He said they were KGB types.
reading interview with Cybulka, a great man of our times i came across this in part 3:
>Q: When we look, for example, at the "former" Soviet military officer Victor Bout, who has supplied weapons and explosives to Al Qaeda

There is a MP in Ukrainian Parliament, also by the last name of Bout.

It is a known fact, a public fact, that this MP studied in Moscow in GRU or something like it academy.

It was known even before the last Parliament elections in October.

He denies of course his relationship to Victor Bout who is under arrest now in Indonesia i believe.

Interesting is this:

MP Bout recently left the orange coalition under pretense that it is not orange enough for him)))))

Well he was obviously planted and got an order to do it.

fact that he has the same name points that he is part of the same CLAN, no big deal))

But i an sure there is some sort of investigation and i hope USA is helping Yushenko in this and Jvania, a man i wrote to you about and his uranium business is involved.

I talked to my contact in ***. The guy from **** organization of *******.

We usually have arguments about America ))

this time we had a great understanding and he explained things to me like he sees it:

Julia Tymoshenko and her team and her fraction in Parliament represents more FSB and their strategic goals.

She is from Dnepropetrovsk, uranium mines are in that region. She always had very nice relationship with Moscow. Ad to that several very good deals with them in natural gas matters. there are people in her team, MPs also who are 100% FSB people.

On the other hand there is a party of Yanukovich called PRU(party of regions of Ukraine). The richest person there, sort of a major money bag is Renat Ahmetov. He is claimed to be the richest man in Europe now.

He and PRU are,  we may say,  more of a project of GRU or SVR.

Interesting to say that same people who work for MacCaine work for this PRU, Ahmetov and Yanukovich.

So that explains a lot.