Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

Поважний Зубрін ПОГОДИВСЯ. написав will be happy to!

To Dr. Robert Zubrin, with a great respect for your effort:

We want to interview you on energy security subject with emphasis on geopolitical aspect
not limited to Middle East but including non-OPEC oil producers position in it
, if you don't mind of course.

We greatly admire your work and your stand against international energy mafia.

If you agree - it could be done in a form of email or any other kind of electronic exchange of your choice.

I am based in NYC, we plan to publish our interview with you in different blogs and blog communities
including Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian communities and ethnic media resources in USofA and internationally.

You are not widely known in those circles which is a shame and we want it to change.

There are at least 5 million people in USA who understand Ukrainian.
We have ways to reach mostly all of them.

Also there are plenty of Russian language media here in USA that we have access to
including newspapers, talk shows on ethnic channels, etc

As well as a number of English language web sites.

We have certain strategies for ideas distribution and will apply them accordingly

The goal is to spread the word through the grass root channels, mostly leaning to conservative side
but not necessarily so.

Tactical goal is to create grass root lobbying effort on John McCain campaign to put flex-fuel issue
in the center of it and secure his winning in November

Russian and Ukrainian communities in the world are known to have internal channels of `spreading the news`

We hope it will put additional pressure on US Congress and executive branch to expedite the flex-fuel mandate as an urgent measure up to the executive order to MANDATORY retroactively re-equip existing vehicles to be flex-fuel compliant

From what we know the threats for our economy and our national security here in USofA are very much UNDERESTIMATED by politician as well as by media including main stream and bloggers community and as well as by general public

Lets act before it is not too late.

We hope you can find a little time for this

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