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афігіваюча передача: Есід Джаз, жінка інтелегентно репує на риддим


Some people rely on the drink to make the people and the food more appealing while dining. Blue Label of course would make these things more appealing, as does the show. With a savory blend of soul, hip-hop, grooves, house and more. Join hosts Jamal Ali and Co-Host Evan BKA DJ Baggs (MIA) for such an experience only worthy of the Blue Label.

Artist      Track      Album      Label
Herbie Hancock     God Made Me Funky            
Micatone     D-D-D-Dance            
Boscoe     He Keeps You            
Marlena Shaw     California Soul            
One Way     Cutie Pie            
Pharcyde     Otha Fish in Th Sea            
Dream of Me     New Order            
Goapele     We Were Too Much the Same            
Sweet Thang     Chaka Khan            
Everything But the Girl     Protection            
Testin     Peven Everett            
Trevor Dandy     Is The
Alice Russell      Someday              
Micatone     Shake It Baby            
Aloe Blacc     I'm beautiful