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In the United States there are numerous unused nuclear reactors. These reactors could be brought into electricity production within a relatively short timeframe.

The electrical energy produced by these reactors could be utilized to convert water into hydrogen by one of several processes. This hydrogen could be further reacted with carbon dioxide to produce methanol. It is time to openly and thoroughly examine the feasibility of using our built and unutilized nuclear infrastructure to produce hydrogen based fuels.

While nuclear energy is feared by many, it is a greatly misunderstood resource.

Nuclear power is utilized as a prime energy source in countries like France and Sweden. In the United States, where nuclear energy supplies about 20% of our electrical power, not one American has been killed in a nuclear accident involving radiation exposure.

On the other hand, thousands of Americans have been killed as a result of our energy dependence, and the funds that our oil dependence funnels to terrorist sponsoring regimes.