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Consider what KGB defector Bezmenov has to say about the 15-year process of changing the psychology of Americans:
He is telling the plain truth. The soil in this country is no longer fertile for any message except one that facilitates the psychological warfare campaign of the Communist Bloc.
You will note: any fact we muster is ignored by the mainstream. What happened after Litvinenko's specatcular death? Did the West launch a new Cold War? Bush came forward to affirm that Putin, after all, was his friend. The West's psychology has been infected so that most people cannot absorb facts that contradict the concepts they long ago accepted. What we must do, in shocking fashion, is present the overall picture to as many people as possible -- because the starting point of reorientation is acceptance of certain concepts:
(1) Russia and China are enemy powers determined to destroy America

(2) Americans must be united against all enemies

(3) The United States has been penetrated by foreign agent networks and faces progressive paralysis

(4) 9/11 is part of the Soviet-Chinese long range strategy and begins the phase of Gray Terror

(5) Enemy disinformation has entered into mainstream opinion and the public is confused.