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reading articles on financial sense site))
lave na karmane
like this one: http://www.financialsense.com/fsu/editorials/cherniawski/2008/0630.html

it is somewhat interesting but actually gives no real idea of economy and what has to be done about it
Well, we should not demand from others what we demand from ourselves- as one of principals of- i believe Confucianism - states.

we have to write something on global political economy that will be covering major fundamentals and will be clear and understandable to everyone with the ideas exposed to the effect:

-there is no free trade with gangsters and totalitarian regimes that  always seek your destruction

-capitalist will sell a rope that communist will hang him on

-plenty of regulations here in USA are putting a killing collar on the  economical development

I would suggest separating issues by dollar figure priority and exposing them accordingly like:

So we have 14 trillion economy. Federal government collects something like 2-3 trillion? Local and state governments collect may be another trillion. There are also hidden taxes like sales tax and alike. So it looks to me that we have to present these figures CLEAR to the public. THE MOST IMPRESSIVE FIGURES. And figures of WASTE like these:

1.petroleum economy as the biggest slow down  - most expensive to Americans (as a result of un-free trade with un-free entities)

2.uncontrollable federal spending - this could be tricky, like space program. I know people who worked for it and they claim it is a scheme. Imagine its costs!  same for entitlements

3.pharmaceutical and medical mafia and its devastating impact

4.May be Microsoft monopoly, but this is a tricky one

5.idiotic war on drugs that cost our nation at least 200 billion a year may be more and creates a WMD threat of unprecedented degree. How can one estimate a cost of this threat????

6.In 2000 i was shopping for a new car. It just happened that Internet became a good vehicle for trade. So i had high hopes. But i learned
that there is no free trade in brand new cars: ALL dealer licenses are ALREADY given and taken and even if you are very rich you will never
be able to become an independent dealer buying from manufacturer and selling a brand new car directly to consumer!!!!!  It was estimated
that this criminal lobbyist provision increases  a price of a new car by at least $2000.!! Multiply that by 17 million new cars sold annually!!
enough for starters. And mind i did not mention any SEC stupidities or Fed Reserve funny business. And that could be the worst and on top.