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Батарей для електромобілів НЕ ВИСТАЧАЄ: війни які ведуть Китай і Кремль в Aфриці блокують МЕТАЛИ
Свіжак місячних продаж авт в США за червень 2008

TOYOTA is ok.

Toyota Division passenger cars recorded June sales of 119,024 units, up 4.4 %over the same period last year.

Passenger car sales were led by Corolla best-ever June sales of 42,180 units, up 30 %over June 2007

With limited availability, the Prius hybrid gas-electric mid-size sedan posted June sales of  poor 11,765 units.

Yaris recorded monthly sales of 8,472 units, up 4.1 % over last June.



Sales for the Smart fortwo remain strong with deliveries totaling 2,545 for the month of June. This brings the year-to-date total to 11,399 units in less than six months of being offered in the US market.


There were 24 selling days this month, compared to 27 selling days last June