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Alternative Sources of Fuel


The current approach to having more fuel, is to open areas to drilling for more oil and pipe or ship the crude to the refineries. The timetable for the oil to reach the refineries is approximately 5 years. The amount of money to be spent is in the billions. If we were to take most of the land in the soil bank and pay the farmers to grow a crop that could be converted easily to methanol, we could then develope new forms of fuel. The land would be put to better use, and the product and byproducts could all be used. Use the monies, that we intend to spend on obtaining more oil, to create refineries to produce the fuels from methanol. I feel certain thatthe timetable to obtain an alternate source of fuel would be much shorter.

Most of the research, for the refining process, has already been done. We have allowed ourselves to become much to dependant on oil, a resource that will eventually be gone. The crops used to produce the methanol are replaceable. There will be little waste, if any, from the processing.

Rush, you have available to you, the means to advance this idea. Why in the world would you ever be backing an idea (Oil in 5 years) that would, in the long term, solve nothing.???

With my idea we could create an unlimited supply of fuel and solve a lot of controversial issues in our government, such as; subsidizing farmers in the land bank, by paying them to not grow anything. Please give my thoughts a little time on your show. A lot can be done in five years!