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Border by Burgard

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"including but not limited to drug introduction"

Where are you getting this little factoid from?

Opiates were very popular during the 19th century, sold in zillion remedies over the counter. Opiates became a mass problem in the US even before 1917 revolution, which is evidenced by the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914.

Did the Soviets introduce weed, or something?

I do agree that the Soviets worked to channel drug trade to hurt the west as much as possible in later years.

But no drugs were actually "introduced" by the Soviets.

it amazez me that after what they did to so many different places in the world there are still people who dont see it

i will email you the book in pdf

author is talking about it here:
his work can be found here

he is what is best described a dissident in this Country

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