Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

FEMINAZISM AS A PART OF SUBVERSION. from comment on Pajamasmedia

Women are not in general capable of the same level of intellectual strength as men are. But women have intuition that men don't, in general

Your argumentation is a vivid prove. Don't get frustrated, try to lose weight and look nice. God created you for that. be proud.

we must realize something: let me call it `feminazism`. I use this term for generalization, i am myself a devoted feminist in a proper way.

Our society is under attack for a long period of time. I know it since i came from the enemy side, from the soviet union. I know it because i was educated there and had some exposure to highest society ranks.

Their goal was to destroy American society religious and family values. it is no joke at all. Multiple think tanks worked on the elements of strategy to achieve it.

I never thought about it seriously then. until i came here and learned saw the real practical side of the shit. It is something Americans never fully comprehend.

Imagine that there are tens of thousands, no hundred of thousands of social scientists working in hundreds think tanks creating methods to destroy your morale, your health

And also there are tens of thousands of agents here in USA, disguised as journalists, talking heads on TV, including FOX!!!!! ABC!!!!! Everywhere.

Imagine that drug trafficking here is backed by SOVIET GOVERNMENT EVEN TODAY, Today more then EVER!

So this battle of sexes is not a normal event AT ALL.

Women and men are different by nature. Patriarchic element is a natural thing.

In the ideal world women should NEVER go to the battlefield because if they do- nation will lose its ability to have A NEW GENERATION

Men MUST be warriors, every single one of them.Well, there are exceptions of course, but they don't count.

If society is not functioning like i briefly described above: it WILL DIE.

Soviets designed this shit for ya people. You are at war. You are marked for extermination. I am serious.

This issue that we discuss here- is just an element in a plan to destroy us.


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