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homos are a source and cause of AIDS epidemic
his  book, full text , free. after he had a conflict with Bryan Ellison, his co-author, he issued this one:
Inventing the AIDS Virus

 Kary Banks Mullis, Ph.D. (born December 28, 1944) is an American biochemist and Nobel laureate wrote a foreword to the book. Shortly:
"If HIV has been here all along and it can be passed from mother to child, wouldn't it make sense to test for the antibodies in the mothers of anyone who is positive to HIV, especially if that individual is not showing any signs of disease?... If an HIV-positive woman develops uterine cancer, for example, she is considered to have AIDS. If she is not HIV-positive, she simply has uterine cancer. An HIV-positive man with tuberculosis has AIDS; if he tests negative he simply has tuberculosis. If he lives in Kenya or Colombia, where the test for HIV antibodies is too expensive, he is simply presumed to have the antibodies and therefore AIDS, and therefore he can be treated in the World Health Organization's clinic. It's the only medical help available in some places."[12]

 Global warming
 Mullis is skeptical about the concern over global warming, disagreeing with the theory that humans are a factor and also disagrees with the idea that CFCs cause ozone depletion.
 this is what my friend wrote to me in response to my question on how AIDS/homo situation was developing in the 80s in Cali, you might be interested.
 There is no doubt, despite propaganda to the contrary, that in the USA AIDS is mainly a homosexual problem. There was a legal controversy many years ago involving a friend of mine, named Bryan Ellison.
 He co-authored a book on AIDS by one of the discoverers of retro-viruses. The book alleged that the connection between AIDS and HIV was correlative rather than causal. That is to say, HIV is a marker for the risk behaviors that causes AIDS; so that AIDS is caused by behaviors that wreck the body's immune system.

Strong aphrodisiacs used by gays, repeated anti-biotic use, repeated infection by Hepatitus and venereal diseases, all break down the immune system over time. This argument was met with a massive legal offensive in which Ellison was forced to leave the country and the book was confiscated during its first printing. I have two copies of the book with me. This is an unusual example of a book successfully suppressed in the United States.

Bryan was crushed by the Lavender Mafia, which is surprisingly powerful in the U.S. One ought to note that Hitler was a homosexual and put into power by a homosexual network that advanced him. This is not fully understood and has been documented by at least one historian. A very brave historian, by the way. --------------------
and this was my answer then:
Very interesting and disturbing it is. But so true.
I was reading about some deceases recently and not so recently and noticed that there are SO MANY diseases that gays have on a much wider scale then normal people. Including complications from papiloma virus, herpes, etc, etc, etc.

For instance human papiloma virus causes no problem in normal men but homos are known to have anal or penile cancer from it. And so on..

Also mainstream view is that homosexuality can not be cured. But the opposite happens - in a lots of cases people become homos later in life. I know some stories and they are also reported frequently.

SO this propaganda of homosexuality is totally a lie and dangerous manipulation and must be stopped at any price.
 Another friend said:
 Another good read to is Liberal Fascism by Jonan Goldberg. You well be suprised how much liberalism and nazism have in common including the homosexual agenda.
 it is interesting how meaning of words change and it looks like someone is working on it like it is described by Orwell:
 Liberalism used to mean something very good: free markets, liberties, peoples rights same way word GAY used to mean happiness and delight - not a filthy dangerous perversion AT ALL!!

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Don't join the ranks of the idiots :)


did you read the book?

did you read opinions of high profile medics?

why do i have to trust consensus?

did u pay attention to my comments on papiloma virus and herpes?

u can check yourself the wiki or other sources U trust:


so, isnt it logical?

Do you know about secret service of US dep of health present at almost every hospital?

i will ask someone who knows the subject to write more details on its covert operations

I don't have to read this book: I am familiar with "theories" of Mullis and Duesberg for many years. It was a bullshit then, and has not changed for the last 10 years.

I worked in many hospitals and never met US dep of health secret service men. Of course, it's because they are so well hidden :)

it is easy to find in medical literature about a number of diseases that are found basically in fagots only:

from the top of my head: HPV only may lead to penis or anal cancer only in fagot body, herpes as well has specific features in fagots

you may find information on bare back sex and its role in virus mutations in FAGOT MAGAZINES

So even if you try to hide this - public will learn the truth

Fagots fuck hundreds of partners a year- they catch different diseases and take antibiotics. All this leads to viral and other medical consequences.


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