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Mwezi Twala says that communism is a lie and it is in fact, all about greed
underground resistance
Tortured & Killed for asking a simple question... During my research I spoke to a black man who had been trained by the KGB in Moscow, as an intelligence agent. He had fought for the ANC and was stationed in Angola at one time. His name: Mwezi Twala.

Mwezi Twala and nine other black soldiers in the ANC's armed wing, MK, one day decided to ask their superiors what was happening with regard to the vast sums of money the ANC was receiving from European sources. They figured that this money was being donated to the cause of the black people and therefore their superiors were accountable for this money. They did a bad thing.

For asking a simple question about the financial accountability of the ANC, they were tortured. Of the ten of them, six died from torture. Mwezi and three others lived. The ANC does not like Mwezi and he told me that he lives knowing that he could be attacked at any time. He says he has had attempts made on his life before and he watches his back all the time. Mwezi of course no longer believes in the ANC. He says that communism is a lie and it is in fact, all about greed. He sees the corruption in the ANC as being nothing more than a natural result of their communist beliefs.

A book was written about Mwezi Twala and it was published by Harper Collins in the USA. The ANC put pressure on major book stores in South Africa not to carry it, and so the book remains virtually unknown. It is now out of print. It is called "Mbokodo : inside MK : Mwezi Twala : a soldier's story", ASIN: 1868420167

To see its listing on Amazon.com, Click here.Since it is out of print, it is very likely that one can buy a copy from one of several used and out of print book dealers on the internet. Click here to try searching for it on AbeBooks or Bibiliofind if you are interested in buying it. The book is explosive and the ANC is highly embarrassed by much of what happened in its torture camps in Angola.

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He was right. Communism is about nothing but greed and power. Why liberals borrow ideas from communism I will never know.

well, they do not borrow, i would call them useful idiots

did you watch this :

so the answer is complicated
there are interests and psychology and subversion and phantasms.

We suspect Condy Rice works for kremlin. Why we think so- is a different story, but lets concentrate on WHY did she decide to do it.

Remember in the 60s lots of useful idiots burned american flags and protested the war? after we left Indochina - almost immediately polpot people killed TWO MILLION victims.

So one may say Condy in a way was a sympathizer? Or may be it was her mentor who is highly suspected to be a kgb agent, the one who is Madelin Albright father.

Or may be for Condy it was a racial pay back?

Or may be when she was studying russian in Leningrad in 1978 she got worked upon in some way?

I know something about that program- but it is another story.

Or may be Condy has a VERY FAT numbered account in Venezuela?

Or may be all of above?

So in order to give a full answer to your question one must really try to see the whole picture

more: it will require an effort because there are forces at work who try to cover the truth

forces form outside and from inside, from the circles that were involved with the enemy in the past(clintons and alike)
and forces who out of greed promote a false concept of free trade with totalitarian regimes like China

The again:

what is better: to isolate communists from our financial system and stop trade or to try to pet them into our system giving them a chance to CHANGE?

West took a second approach, which is quite a lot along th Christian line

but WHY WE ARE SILENT ABOUT 100s of millions of killed by communists?

This part is not Christian at all.

it is all sad. But we got to have courage and face what is out there.
because otherwise we put to risk our lives, our Republic and our civilization.

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