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Она отличная актриса, вот она всюду хороша, где бы не играла. Я так понимаю, кино Strange Days тебе понравилось? Я не смотрела, надо взять его.

кино прекрасное
как Blade runner, but 1995

the subject matter is virtual reality disks: u buy the disk, plug it it, and play on the headset:

it is like being IN THE movie, not just like watching it, like u t there:

so the most popular are erotic and violent disks

then the plot goes further: violent criminals rape and kill girls AND RECORD IT WHILE DOING IT, then they sell recordings

and more and more

Julliet performs 2 times as she does in real life, she is a popular punk-rock singer by the way

download this:

i will tell later what to do next

so far just download and check with AVG

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