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there is a fleet of cabs like this in NYC. MANY of them. Not just one)

Monday October 16, 2006:  City Cruiser II: A Bicycle Powered by Fuel Cells

Veloform, the maker of the Bicy-Taxis shown at Ecofest last September 2006, has announced the release of a new fuel-cell-powered, three-wheeled bicycle called the City Cruiser II. The design is much the same as the Bicy-Taxis, but the City Cruiser II offers almost unlimited cruising range and an extremely positive environmental balance.

The City Cruiser II runs on a METHANOL EFOY fuel cell made by SFC, Smart Fuel Cell. The fuel cell will power the motor, lights, radiator, and communication equipment of the vehicle. Also, the fuel cell continuously recharges the battery, so the Cruiser does not have to be charged at a power outlet and can be used without interruption.

The City Cruiser II achieves stellar fuel consumption, using only  0.3-liter fuel equivalent per 100 kilometers (62.13 miles).

784 MILES PER GALLON OF METHANOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The EFOY fuel cell runs silently, with very low, environmentally friendly emissions. The only by-products produced are water and carbon dioxide (comparable to an adult's breath, according to Veloform). With emissions so low, these vehicles could possibly be operated inside buildings such as airports or fair halls.

you buy them here

CityCruiser I + II: Pedal passengers and advertising
Unique way of moving passengers and messages arround.
The CityCruiser provides an ecological mobility experience for one driver and two passengers. With electric acceleration aid, business class-like legroom and an ergonomic driver’s seat, you will enjoy an entertaining journey, protection from rain or sun, and definitely the best view.
Get ready for a lot of attention: only the Royal Coach gets more looks.
Hybrid propulsion with zero emission.
Hybrid propulsion with EFOY fuel cells and muscle power are used in the eco-luxe version of the CCII. The emissions from this extremely environment friendly system are equivalent to a person running.
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