Сергій Кабуд ( Кий ) (xyu) wrote,
Сергій Кабуд ( Кий )

to idiot Katherine Berry - autism denier. Folks, learn about the bitch.

Katherine Berry:

>@Kabud, having read more comments of yours than my gastrointerologist says is good >for me,

thats good! Sit in the bushes and DONT WRITE. You have no sign of any talent. And i am suspicious that you are a good mother. And i dont like your face. And i am not joking.

>I finally realized just why you come across as such an ignorant twit so often.

took u a while, well, make a better effort.

>It’s because — despite being a “Live Journal” (read: cheap ass) blogger,

you are a jealous nobody with no talent. haha))

>you don’t have a freaking clue how to read. Witness, for instance, the way >you hastened to thrash me over this article as if I’d somehow agreed with >Savage.

i reached up to this point: and- nothing. u dont even have ANYTHING to say. no talent.

>Had you realized that the “Next” button means, in fact, that you should remove your >finger from your nose to click that link (but, alas, it’s apparently impacted along >with the rest of your facial anatomy), you’d have seen that I do not in any way >agree with Savage a/k/a Weiner.

how much you weight? i bat u r fat.

>Ergo, since reading and navigating around the interwebs beyond your own >self-absorbed little Live Journal “blog” (or whatever it is you think you’ve got >going on there), I decided to provide you with visual clues.

fat, no talent and bad looking. It is a pity God did such a waste on you
I was right- u must be forced to go and stay with autistic kids at Alpine with NO PROFFESIONAL HELP

Kathy U DONE AS A WRITER. I put a spell on you, this time no kidding. Go away.
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