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some freak who went to Harvard on afirmative action wrote stupid article on immigration


There are plenty of rage in comments. Here is mine, in case they censor it.to WJ:

you know i think same arguments apply to most of the pajamas publications and i think there is a reason behind it:

pajamas is getting sucked into mainstream plastic made-believe optimistic media attitude
i cant say why, may be there are reasons of advertisers putting pressure
may be serious attitude scares people
but shallow idiotic articles like you can see on the front page where clown by the totally insane name BARAKOBAMA is taking 90% of content  MAKE ME SICK

we should find another source for FREE THINKER"S INFORMATION AND OPINION

And thank you for YOURS, appreciate it!

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That was a stupid article. What the hell is wrong with Pajamas?

dont you think it is sad?

we are under the siege- admit it or not

the war against our liberties IS GOING ON

it takes different forms, but it is happening

in my later entries here in this blog there are links to the conversation i gad with Jeff yesterday.

He goes deep investigating roots of this poor state of affairs

interesting to learn your opinion

Well, with Pajamas:

free thinkers will leave their grounds and congregate someplace else

we will provide for that if needed, with your help of course

right now we are discussing possible name for it
if you can give some input- will appreciate
if u prefer to discuss it privately we can use email or any other venue u like

God Bless America

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