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Тут відбулася дебільна діскусія з совком який дрочить на жирного індюка майкла мура.

Ось до чього: http://xyu.livejournal.com/669649.html
Q: What about Americans with anti-American views, are they influenced by the communist ideology ?

A: I am convinced that, for example, most of the Americans in Europe have anti-American views. Their opinions are often so anti-American and so pro-communist or leftist that even in anti-American and socialist Europe these people are perceived as extremists. During the American operation to install freedom and democracy in Iraq there were anti-American demonstrations organized in Prague solely by American students and anti-American activists. They held signs: "Hands off Iraq!" These people seem to me not to be the victims of European communist and anti-American propaganda but they are, in fact, its active followers, campaigners and promoters. During the course of the last 15 years I haven't met one American citizen, including American diplomatic officials, who would want to fight for the highest American ideals - ideals of freedom and democracy in Europe. Americans are unaware of the fact that what is common in America is non-existent in Europe, with the exception of perhaps Switzerland.

Q: Will the socialists be able to impose their model on the world without the use of military force?

A: I am certain that in the aftermath of the systematic collapse of all higher American principles and values, such as trust in God, the dialectical materialist powers have never had a better chance for victory in the United States as they have today. The evolution of mankind from a persuasion of spirit and soul to an obsession with the body and face is a negative development. The system of materialistic values of today's America is more and more converging with the communist and socialist system of values. If the freedom of men will be gradually reduced in this development to a sole freedom of consumption, I don't see a reason why the materialist American elites of today and tomorrow would stand up against the materialist elites of their adversaries.

Petr Cibulka is a very smart and insightful author and hero of the underground. Several years back he somehow found and published lists of KGB agents in Czechia. Official Prague at first denied it, but later they HAD to publish their lists, which were shorter but still!


Ryan Mauro, who interviewd Cibulka is a very interesting person himself.

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