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Kremlin military aid to Sadam Husein is proved.

We learn that the Russians provided key elements of our war plan to the Iraqis, and that Saddam looked to Russia for help in the UN. A 2001 document describes using "economical agreements" with Russia, France, China and Japan to undermine sanctions.

The WMD revelations have significant international ramifications, and will severely hurt relations with Russia.

Dr. Jack Shaw, who as deputy undersecretary for international technology security, tracked the WMD with some help from Ukrainian intelligence to Syria and Lebanon. The Ukrainians even had the names of the Russian Spetsnaz officers involved in the transfers. The Russian element shouldn't be surprising. The documents show that Russia passed on key details of the U.S. war plan to Iraq, and that Iraq was working to bring countries like Russia, France and China to their side using "economical agreements." Others previously published show that Russia even spied on Tony Blair for Iraq.
James Clapper from the National Imagery Agency also saw the convoys leaving Iraq traveling through al-Qaim to Syria. I can confirm this element of Shaw's testimony, as I have communicated with a military source who spoke to an Iraqi who used to be an Iraqi Intelligence Service captain, and had ten joined the National Guard. He spoke of seeing guarded convoys travel through al-Qaim avoiding the populated areas in the months before the invasion, and why he believed they contained WMD.

Loftus: I think what we carry away from Saddam's secret files is that the average citizen today does not have a clue about world history because so much of it is classified. This is a theme that dates back to my congressional testimony in the 1980's about Nazis in America. Russian double agent Kim Philby of British Intelligence dumped hundreds (if not thousands) of former Nazi war criminals in America, disguised as anti-communist freedom fighters. When US intelligence found out how badly they had been tricked, they covered it up for a half century, until I exposed it on 60 Minutes.

It is the cover-up that kills America, not the mistakes. The American people are forgiving, they know that all government agencies make mistakes from time to time. The American attitude is let’s fix it and move on. But the liars that cover up their mistakes are traitors to America, because they prevent their mistakes from ever getting fixed. One of my favorite old spies, George Orwell wrote: "The omission is the most powerful form of lie, and it is the duty of historians to ensure that those lies do not creep into the history books." He was writing about the evils of communism and nazism, but he could just as easily have been writing about Saddam Hussein.

It wasn’t just the liberal press that was utterly wrong about Saddam Hussein having WMD, it was almost the entire mainstream press, and a good chunk of the conservative press went along with it. Heck, even all of the experts in the State Department drank Saddam's cool aid. Truth be told, just about everyone bought into Saddam's lie that he had no plans for making any more WMD. Right up to the end of his life, Saddam was even lying to his own jailer. He told this FBI Special Agent that he had no WMD, and was only lying about having WMD to intimidate the Iranians. The FBI Agent actually took Saddam's word for it, and is publishing a book about him this week. The author is a wonderful agent, but he has been completely conned, as Saddam's records show repeatedly. I am watching right now as the press praises the conventional wisdom, and tries to bury my report on what Saddam really said about WMD to his closest aides. If the press covers up the Saddam files, they have truly betrayed America.

An alumni of my high school (Boston Latin) once wrote that those who fail to learn the mistakes of history are condemned to repeat them. Iran tells us they have no WMD, but the truth is that they and their Syrian puppets are exploiting every hellish program that Saddam bequeathed to them. This is not over, Saddam may yet have his revenge: the Iranian are finishing the nuclear project that he started. Thank God for the Israelis, who twice now have blown up Saddam''s nuclear facilities: once in Osirak, Iraq, and now in Deir al Zour, Syria. The more things change, they more they stay the same. For once, can't the press just admit they were wrong and move on? The only thing that matters is the truth, and the truth does not belong to the liberals or conservatives. It belongs to all of us.


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