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Russia doesn't need Cuba to put pressure on America.

All Russia has to do, is position their troops and missiles to take out the oil shipping infrastructure in the Persian Gulf, as this would force America to negotiate, rather than apply military and economic pressure.

Wars are won by denying the enemy access to resources, water, food, fodder for horses, energy, etc.

There is about 59 days of import protection in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and a maximum of 4.4 million barrels per day can be withdrawn.

Considering that America uses 20 million barrels per day, it does not take a system engineer to comprehend that if Russia destroyed the oil shipping infrastructure in the Persian Gulf America, will come to a screeching halt.

America could not wage a war that would be many times more costly in oil, material, limbs, and lives than the Iraqi War.

No gas to wage the war.
No gas to rebuild the oil shipping infrastructure.
No gas for cars, trucks and buses.
No gas to operate farms, factories, and trucks.

In fact, if Saddam had considered what would happen to him, his family and his country, he would have taken out the oil infrastructure in Iraq, Kuwait, and the Persian Gulf.

It is INSANITY to even consider  waging wars that consume large amounts of energy, or wars that will force the enemy to disrupt the supply of energy.

If man is to survive and enjoy the bountifulliness of Nature,  the nations of the world must begin selecting confident leaders that think and cooperate, rather than select fearful leaders that amplify and exploit the fears of the masses.

About ten nations have the capability of taking out the World's energy supply, and make it impossible for a major war to be waged and after seeing what happened to Saddam, there is no doubt that several of the nations would take out the oil supply as they would have nothing to lose.
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