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Time to start bulding those shelter NOW
When I was a kid in New England, we actually built an underground bombshelter to then-current suggested specs in less than a week, and stocked it with food and weapons, when these Russian SOBs decided to push the point of using Cuba as a launching pad against America. My grandfather never cursed, but in the middle of the crisis I asked him what would we do if it came to war, and he smiled a toothy grin and said "Fxck 'em and blow 'em to pieces." I rather miss that old man.
If anyone thought that all those dangerous Communists went away when the Soviet Union supposedly gave up Communism, you have another think coming. They didn't go away. The Russians just reformed their government.

That didn't mean that they could reform their government back to the way it was before. Obviously there were enough people left in the country that wanted the old way to come back. Primarily the reason why people like Putin was installed as Prime Minister instead of a non-Communist is because the new Russian nation did not get a large inflow of business to give the people of Russia a good taste of free interprise and freedom.

Even there were a multitude of problems to get that done, there obviously was other more serious problems with crime and the problems in Chetsnia that complicated a safe transision to a better way of life for the Russian people. Russia has always had a much higher crime rate than America has had because their form of government encourages that kind of crime.

This is what would happen right here in America if we were to allow a socialist form of governance to get a foothold here. Obama and the fairyland representatives like Nancy Pelosi and others in the leftist party would encourage black markets and ruthless crime bosses to black mail Americans to get the things we needed because of excessively high taxation, shortages, and factory shutdowns like is experienced in Russia all the time.

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