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ROCK-N-ROLL was a communist subversion and remains so
There were the late 1950th of a nosedive of the American culture before the then seemingly not very scary process has passed into a uncontrollable spin-diving of 1970th and further, up to nowadays. For us then the Soviet citizens who in 50th years were often arrested even for dancing rock-n-roll (I was one of those young people), that American music was a symbol of freedom which we did not know in our country. But in fact, it was the beginning of an anti-American culture revolution skilfully prepared by Soviet agents following the strategy of the World Communist Revolution originated by Lenin and elaborated by a NKVD plot in 1929.

Today, many Americans either don't remember or simply don't know such names as Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs,
Alger Hiss and many other Soviet spies who penetrated the entire American society - from Universities and
Hollywood to the Governmental level (Hiss was even FDR's Assistant.)All those countless agents were weaving a web of the Commies ideology. Everybody remembers Frank Sinatra who supported many organisations that were later identified as front organizations of the Communist Party USA by the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s?

Intentionally or unintentionally, the generation that suffered the tragedy of the WWII, 'unbridled' their
kids to give them the bliss and joy of the Life the parents didn't have. The new level of freedom turned into permissiveness and the sex- and drug-Revolution of 50th-60th (remember the San Francisco Summer 1967 with copulations in public on streets? Find no similarity with the taped copulation in the St. Patric's Cathedral in New York a few years ago?)
My response:  u have a point, but it is more complicated. rock music had also a liberating message in it
rap music was born on a street of Bronx when people tired of stupid rock and disco played ONLY the best moments on their records and READ POETRY to it and of course Solzh was a KGB operative of at least colonel ar general level
I can't say I was a prominent dissident.

Some people called me 'a frondeur' or a malcontent.

I can only say that the first time I was detained by KGB

was 10 years before Nathan Sharansky's first arrest.

I DO also see "the moral decay of

the West by virtue of the negative cultural impact of

primarily the entertainment industry."

How any decent person can not agree that if a treason

is officially called 'heroism,' we are dealing with

a complete moral decay?

Would I ever shake Kerry's or Fonda's hand?

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