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The Russians and Chinese - inveterate cheaters on their international obligations - are busily modernizing their nuclear forces. Pakistan and North Korea are among the problematic  nuclear powers expanding theirs, while still others - notably, Iran - are covertly trying to acquire the Bomb. A number of these states have ties to terrorists that could result in the latter "going nuclear," too.

Thanks to 16 years of inattention, purposeful neglect and willful unilateral disarmament measures under both Republican and Democratic administrations, the United States' nuclear arsenal is steadily obsolescing, becoming evermore problematic to maintain and increasingly losing its deterrent credibility.

We alone among nuclear powers - declared and undeclared - are going out of the business by failing properly to preserve, let alone modernize, our aging stockpile.

We must recognize reality: A world without effective, safe, reliable and credible U.S. nuclear weapons will  will be one in which others can continue to inflict such destruction as Hiroshimas on us.

And the contribution our deterrent has made to world peace - to say nothing of the security and freedom of this country and its allies (including post-war Japan) - will be no more.