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Fourth World War, Islamo-Marxism, Grey Terror, Missile Day, Useful Idiot, Shopping Mall Regime

The West and Western Civilization may well be the underdog in this global ideological conflict. It’s never a bad thing to have a clear picture of the nature of the enemy and how they operate.
From Soviet defector Anatoly Golitsyn.

Cold War 2:
the Cold War since 1991, during which time the USSR2 continued to increase its nuclear war-fighting capabilities and expand espionage and subversion worldwide.

Comrade Czar: a reference to the pseudo-czarist trappings that Vladimir Putin uses to disguise his role as helmsman of the post-1991 continuing Soviet Union.

Faux Rightist: a fake rightist; someone who professes to be a rightist, mistakenly or otherwise, but is really a leftist; faux rightists believe the New World Order is more dangerous than the Red World Order.

Fellow Traveler: a communist in ideology, but not in membership.

Fourth World War: the next great war, between the West and the Communist Bloc and its Islamo-Marxist proxies; the First Cold War (1945-1991) is understood to be the Third World War

of or related to KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who, along with other East Bloc defectors, warned the West of the Soviet Union’s long-range strategic deception plan.

Grey Terror: terrorism that is carried out by organizations not directly related to, but nevertheless often trained by the Soviet/Russian security apparatus; coined by GRU defector Viktor Suvorov.

: the ideology animating most Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide; sometimes identified as Islamo-fascism.

Missile Day: refers to the first day of open military hostilities between the West and the Communist Bloc, probably entailing a preemptive nuclear strike by the latter against the former; also known as Launch Day, or When the Balloon Goes Up.

mainstream media; thrives on ignorance, emotionalism, irrationalism, entertainment, and pseudo-science and, hence, facilitates liberalism, fascism, socialism, and communism; also known as lame-stream media.

National communist: refers to a state characterized by a failed communist revolution (Bangladesh), or pro-Soviet fascism (Algeria, Egypt, Ba'athist Iraq, Libya, Syria).

refers to a communist state established after 1989, when the Soviet Bloc implemented its perestroika (restructuring) deception (South Africa, Venezuela).

Nepman: a Western capitalist who supports communist regimes by doing business with them; coined in the 1920s during the Soviet Union's first temporary retreat from communism, Vladimir Lenin's New Economic Policy.

New World Order: various delusional schemes of the Western capitalist elite to establish world government; denunciations of the NWO are a regular feature in communist and faux rightist sources, betraying a common Marxist orientation.

Paleo-communist: refers to a communist state established before 1989, and which remained unaffected by the Soviet Bloc's perestroika (restructuring) deception (China, Cuba, Belarus).

Pink Terror: terrorism covertly committed by the Soviet/Russian security apparatus and Spetsnaz prior to Missile Day; coined by GRU defector Viktor Suvorov.

Red Terror: terrorism openly committed by the Soviet/Russian security apparatus and Spetsnaz; coined by GRU defector Viktor Suvorov.

Red World Order: the Communist Bloc's delusional and far more dangerous scheme to establish world government.

Semi-communist: refers to a state characterized by an entrenched, albeit democratically elected socialist or social democratic party (Sweden), or strong communist influences (Finland and Sri Lanka).

Shopping Mall Regime: the West's dangerous infatuation with commercialism and hedonism, at the expense of spiritual and military readiness to defeat the Communist Bloc; possibly coined by Jeff Nyquist.

: various units of the Soviet/ Russian special forces.

Useful Idiot:
a non-communist who wittingly or unwittingly advances the red agenda; possibly coined by Vladimir Lenin
USSR2:  Vladimir Putin's pseudo-czarist neo-Soviet state; the post-1991 continuing Soviet Union.
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