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Fighting Solidarity (Polish: Solidarność Walcząca) was a Polish anti-communist underground organization, founded in 1982 by Kornel Morawiecki in Wrocław

One of the main activities of Fighting Solidarity was information warfare: it printed and distributed many underground newspapers

Fighting Solidarity also tried to actively infiltrate the Polish secret police (Służba Bezpieczeństwa) and to support other anti-communist organizations, including ones in other countries of the Soviet Bloc, even the Soviet Union itself[5]. The Polish secret police found it extremely hard to infiltrate the organization, even though they employed various tactics, including kidnapping Morawiecki's children in an attempt to blackmail him[4]. Despite its reputation for militance, Fighting Solidarity did not support social violence or terrorism[5].

Fighting Solidarity was the only Polish organization of that time whose primary goals, declared from the start, included the destruction of communism, the independence of Poland and other nations controlled by communist governments (including those comprising the Soviet Union itself), and the reunification of Germany.


at 3 am New York time------ midnight California time ---------10am Kyiv time

press conference with a Member of Fighting Solidarity

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они правы, да

сша не защитили Грузию,
кремль ведет переговоры с ЕС, значит теперь ЕС а не НАТО решает вопросы безопасности в Европе, а в ЕС нет вооруженных сил ни у кого: общее количество ядерных головок в ЕС менее 100 а у кремля 12 тысяч или более

План удался((

Если не подпишут с Саркози - Украину окупировать могут до выборов в США, ведь очевидно что усилиями кондолизы белый дом полностю дезинформирован

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