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In the wake of this ever-unfolding national security debacle, a United States senator was asked about treason in high places. The senator answered, "We don't want to use the 'T' word, yet." But as it happens, more than our military technology has been compromised. There are indications that we've seen only the tip of the iceberg. An emerging body of evidence suggests that U.S. intelligence, the Pentagon, as well as key U.S. banks may have been penetrated -- and manipulated -- by foreign intelligence agents.

According to a congressional witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, "There is something wrong with the government agencies responsible for national security; that is, the Pentagon, the State Department, the FBI and the CIA. There is something gravely wrong." Has our national security system broken down? "There is an internal breach," says the witness. "It is wide, it is pandemic and systemic -- and it comes from the top."

Of course, these comments are nothing new. Horrific penetrations have occurred, vital secrets have been compromised, and no one is punished -- no one is convicted and jailed. Are we talking about the failure of American counter-intelligence? Are we talking about the collapse of the justice system?

"Yes," says the congressional witness. "But it's more than a collapse. It's almost like a coup d'etat."

In a coup d'etat something or someone is overthrown and replaced. What, in this instance, has been overthrown and replaced? The witness answers: "Military journalists have been discussing a critical statement by Dick Morris, a former Clinton aide. In a TV interview Morris said that people might next be suggesting there are thirty Communists in the State Department."

Morris was referring to an assertion made long ago by Senator Joseph McCarthy. To Morris, this assertion is laughable; so Morris was attempting to mock the next logical conclusion, that we have a problem with Communists in the U.S. Government, that the Cold War is still on.

But let us ask, seriously: Is it possible that the Cold War never ended, that our victory was only temporary? Look at what is happening. Clinton has, by bombing Yugoslavia pushed the Russian people back into the arms of the Communists. He has restarted the Cold War in a manner most favorable to the Communist side.

Half a million Russian soldiers and sailors have been put into uniform since the bombing. Russian motorized rifle divisions are being filled up. Four Russian fleets are undergoing military exercises. Late last year the Russians introduced a new generation of road-mobile ICBMs. The current Prime Minister of Russia is, in terms of background and training, a KGB general. On top of that, consider the vast alliance between Russia, China and India. Is Communism really dead?

"No, Communism is not dead," says our congressional witness, "but nobody will discuss this in public. Nobody will touch it."

Why not?

"I don't know the answer. But now people are being forced to cross the line, only because the situation is so grave. We're talking about nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and the committees are seeing more evidence every month."

Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking defector from the Russian General Staff, recently said, "The GRU [Russian military intelligence] is still preparing for war with the United States." Lunev also stated that U.S. counterintelligence is "woefully under-funded."

Has America's under-funding of counterintelligence led us to misread the situation? Is the Cold War continuing?

"Absolutely," says our witness. "It has been a massive deception. I have worked with the committees in Congress for nearly a decade. We didn't know where all this was leading. But some of us are beginning to put the pieces together."

How dangerous is the situation?


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